[Con] [R114] [STEAM Client] Silkweed bundles unassigned stockpile

Summary: Silkweed bundles have not been added to a stockpile zone and remain scattered throughout the lands until the weaver comes along to use them.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Harvest ‘fiber’ plants.

Expected Results: Would be assign to a stockpile.

Actual Results: Stays littered across the landscape until used by the weaver.


I think I too have noticed this, just wasn’t quite sure because they also tend to leave baskets of berries out and about sometimes, especially if they have been harvested some distance away (or it seems that way, at any rate). I thought it might be related to this bug (the title no longer quite covers that one, may need to change it). However, I have indeed noticed it specifically for silkweed bundles, although I didn’t check back enough to make sure they didn’t pick them up later.

Yeah steph said that the whole stockpile system broke a few weeks ago and they are still hunting down some stray bugs. I think it has to do with the fiber tag not working right.

I can confirm first hand though that it’s a bug. lol

STAHP! :scream_cat:



excellent! thanks for breaking these out, and using the requested format… kudos! :smiley:

the more the merrier… :wink:


Yes I encountered this bug as well. I found a way to deal with it.

Instead of creating stockpiles for certain materials, at the start of the game just creat a general stockpile that will keep everything, and with that, when you harvest silkweed the workers will assign them to that stockpile.

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Oh, but that’s what I did as well.

Come to think of it, though, some silkweed was indeed moved into the stockpile. Perhaps that time when I noticed it not being brought in really was just a case of not looking for long enough and my workers temporarily being preoccupied with other stuff…

Same here. Just started a new game to check it out and made a standard stockpile, Harvested the silk plants around the village, villagers ignored the plants. Maybe there is a certain order to things.

Might try just doing a stockpile and then a plant and leave it at that. See what they do.

EDIT [Due to post restrictions]
Filter test. Video is just under 5 minutes. Tried various filter configurations. Did notice the Tools & Goods tends to bug out as well if the entire zone is not left as a default. Also some furious clicking when the zone decided to become unresponsive requiring a little too & fro between zones to make the filter tab popup.

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This also appears to be happening in R118.

I created a main stockpile and later down the line added a filter to remove the food into its own stockpile. Upon the filter being applied the villagers would stop stockpiling the silkweed bundles. I then created another smaller stockpile with no filter applied and the villagers would resume placing silkweed into that stockpile.

Sounds like silkweed bundles are uncategorized and not allowed to be placed in any filter-applied stockpile…hmm.

Yeah I can confirm this is still happening. The same thing happens with the flowers.

Still happening.
@sdee you can also add flowerpots to the list.