[STEAM] [134] Stockpile filters

Summary: Filters on stockpile are still a bit squiffy. If filters are removed from the bog standard stockpile this effects collection of certain items.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Create several stockpiles
2) Remove certain filters

Expected Results: Items created and/or harvested should be allocated to the various stockpiles set.

Actual Results: Silkweed bundles are not collected. Fences are placed around the place in the case of making them. Additionally I set the Weaver to create 2 worker outfits and they remained on the workbench. See screenshots attached.

Notes: Creating a standard stockpile with default filters and setting the weaver to create another worker outift correctly moves this from the workbench to the stockpile for worker upgrade.


Versions and Mods: Latest Steam Build 134. No Mods