Forge does not count as "tools" in stockpile filter

Forge can not be filtered by unticking the “tools” in the stockpile/container filter, whereas every other workbench is removed from the stockpile/container when unticking this.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have Forge in stockpile
  2. Untick “tools” in filter
  3. Watch as Hearthlings don’t remove Forge

Expected Results:
Forge be filtered out of the stockpile.

Actual Results:
Forge remains in stockpile

Version Number and Mods in use:
release 543


Would it not count as a Workshop?

There is no “workshop” category among the filters. Every workbench, including the Anvil (The Forge’s younger brother) is included in the “tools” category, except the Forge.


Ah, I see your point now, I was using Storage Boxes not Stockpiles xD

Reporting that the forge still does not sort as a “tool & talisman” in build 701.

I have a stockpile (that I am slowly emptying a category at a time) with doors & windows / furniture / decorations turned on, and next to it a chest with talismans & tools. The forge was put into the stockpile.

I imagine when I get around to creating a separate repository for each of furniture / decorations / doors & windows (depending on what my needs are) I will find out where it gets sent!

If this is working as intended and workshops are considered furniture or decor, that’s understandable since they are room objects – but the sparklies threw me off.

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Great catch! The Forge is indeed still counted as furniture. Thanks for the report. @Relyss



Awesome, and thanks for checking!


Wow, this report is quite old :sweat_smile:
Let’s hope it gets fixed along with the firepit :slight_smile: