Alpha 14 - Storage Filter Suggestion

Hey guys,

I am really excited about Alpha 14 but I found one problem - I have herbalist next to storage with flowers, storage is small but full of wheat and silkweed.

So my suggestion is - give wheat into the FOOD category and make new one named FLOWERS so silkweed and wheat is not included in it so the herbalist will be able to have his own chest with flowers and he won’t be disturbed by cook and weaver which are going for wheat and silkweed.

Just suggestion :slight_smile:


This sounds like something for @yshan and her work with new storage filters.


Thats my layout for Herbalist and its full of wheat and silkweed :confused: I don’t want my Herbalist to be bothered by cook and weaver all day long :smiley: would be nice :slightly_smiling:

Amazing work :slight_smile: Love this game :slight_smile:


I really think that a new page should be added to the filter menu that would allow filtering by profession. Might make a good mod :wink:

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I like this idea, but what do you do with shared items? Like cloth, which is made by the weaver, and used by both the weaver (for clothes) and the carpenter (for comfy furniture)?

Wood has the same problem - used by multiple professions. Maybe coding could divide the resources between whatever professions call for it if a chest or stockpile was dedicated to carpentry, and another to weaving? Whichever had room for the cloth would get it.

I actually posted to say I would like importance ratings for stockpiles or containers - I’m sure it’s been suggested. In similar resource management games (Rimworld comes to mind) you can decide if a stockpile is critical, important, preferred or normal and the workers will move items to the highest priority stockpiles first. I really need this function for my Hearthlings! It helps immensely when you create a Blacksmith shop and want to place a dedicated box of wood for them to use in their forge but you don’t want ALL wood to be put there so that the carpenter and builders don’t have to go into the blacksmith shop to get it and vice versa.

A similar idea (don’t remember what topic it was in, maybe Class suggestions), but someone brought up the idea of a crafters assistance/apprentice. This class would maintain a small stockpile near the workbench and would bring the crafter the materials needed, and remove the finished products as well.

Hmm… interesting idea but no, I have to say I’d rather not have to assign anymore dedicated jobs if possible - particularly in the mid-game stage where you’re branching out into cook, mason, shepherd etc… where you’ve now promoted your farmer, hunter etc and starting to get a little short-handed because you’ve got to promote workers into those base professions. Now if I could just assign an already assigned worker to be the dedicated supplier to say, my blacksmith, that would be fine and interesting! But I would still want that worker to also still perform all worker duties too so I don’t lose manpower in my smaller grunt workforce.

The easier method would just be priority checkboxes in the stockpile interface. :wink:

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Hi all,

After reading all of the thoughts, I think that I’ll wade in as well. I’ve been playing far too much stone hearth lately. and one thing I’d really like is the ability to differentiate between produced items and plants.

Currently on the latest update as of 13/04/2017. There are the following categories:

Resources, for
Wood, Stone, Clay, Ore, Pelts, Plants.

Construction, for.
Doors And Windows, Furniture, Defences, Decorations,

Tool’s & Goods, For
Tools, Thread Cloth and Leather, Ingots, Weapons, Amour and Other Equipment, Healing Equipment

Food & Drink, for.
Raw Food, Cooked Food, Cooking ingredients and Animal Feed

Wealth, for.
Gold and Trophies/ Severed Heads

That’s what we have currently. Personally, I think that having a prioritisation system in stone hearth would be a little over the top. After All, Keep it simple Stupid. And I am stupid. However, for the profession based filtering, I think it would be a good idea to perhaps have items separated like this. Would be nice for organisation reasons, I personally would limit it to produced items though.

However, I do agree with the point that the difference between silk weeds and corn and wheat needs to be made. as well as that for flowers and silkweed. My logic behind this is that wheat and corn are foods and silk and flowers are " production items "

So why not remove plants making three categories, Flowers, Fibre plants ( Silkweed ) and Cooking plants. Flowers and Fibre plants into resources and cooking plants into food and drink. This would then help when you let me make whisky for my hearthlings. :))

Kind Regards

Alexander Dighton

Yup, that’s why Better Stockpiles is so awesome. Splitting the plants up really helps. If ya haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend it! Pairing it with MaraRose’s Container Mod will make your play experience so much better. :jubilant:

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Hi Logo,

Absolute Ledgend.

Kind Regards

Alexander Dighton

This is an old thread, but I did want to add my 2 cents.

TL;DR: Use the same stockpile system as used in Settlers 3.

I’ve always loved the stockpile system in Settlers 3. It’s really simple: per stockpile you can indicate exactly which products are allowed to be stored there. So to translate to Stonehearth, you could have a stockpile for only gold ore and another for only gold ingots. This is the most flexible system you can have, in my opinion.

What Settlers also adds is the ability to “collect” resources in a specific stockpile. So if you have two stockpiles that are both only filtered for (e.g.) wood, you can set one of the stockpiles to “collect” mode and it will have priority when being filled. Only when the “collect” stockpile is full will the second (non-collect) stockpile get filled. If you have multiple stockpiles set to collect, they would shared the resources amoungst them but still collectively have priority over the “non-collect” stockpiles.

With this system, you can easily direct resources to places where they are needed. Simple example: when constructing a new building, you could drop a storage crate near the construction site and set it to collect wood and stone. The Hearthlings would then start moving wood/stone from non-collect storage points to the crate so that the construction site has a constant supply. Another example could be a remote outpost that needs to be supplied with food. You could have a stockpile nearby set to collect food so that the men stationed at the outpost don’t run all the way back to town for food twice a day.

Personally, I hardly ever use the category filters because they are not granular enough. I just plop down a ton of crates and let the heartlings figure it out. At most, I might switch off the resources categrory for some crates to prevent my warehouse from getting filled with wood and stone.

Thanks for reading!