MaraRose's Container Mod

Heya folks!

This is really more of an update to an old abandoned mod - art assets listed as such are courtesy of Spiro’s defunct Container Mod and used with full permission. Code has been redone for current API and tested thoroughly in A20. I’ve got more stuff planned to add into it, I just wanted to get this one functional since these are pretty awesome. This mod adds 19 profession/item-based containers to the game for a ton more customization of towns (stone chests get really old really quick).

NOTE: As the related APIs don’t appear to have changed, this mod is currently compatible with A21 on the Latest build.

Best used with Better Stockpiles for ultimate effect!


v1.05 - 3/5/17 2:04 PM - New items: Furniture Shop Display - Wood, Stone, Clay
Bug fixes: I think I finally got rid of the collision problems, download the new version and check them again. It’s hard to test without being able to regularly replicate the problem but I’m pretty sure I know what was causing it, and I fixed what I could. :slight_smile:


v1.04 - 2/12/17 1:30 PM

Added three new containers for treasure with varying capacity and size; the Treasure Vault has some minor placement issues but I’m about to burn the whole thing down for not being able to fix it, so it is what it is. All three treasure containers are craftable by the Blacksmith, at levels 0/2/6. New items this update: Small and Medium Treasure Hoards, Treasure Vault

v1.03 - 2/10/17 3:16 PM

Fixed those nasty footprint problems, everything should be aligned beautifully now. Also added an Herb Garden container.

v1.02 - 2/9/17 12:29 AM

Cleaned up leftover test files (because Mara is forgetful).


Google Drive: MRcontainers.smod


Spiro's Containers

Apothecary Cabinet
Armor Shelf
Cook Shelf
Drying Rack
Fur Frame
Hay Bale
Ingot Shelf
Market Stalls - Farmer, Baker, Weaver
Weaver Basket
Weaver Clay Shelf
Weaver Shelf
Clay Bucket
Clay Barrel
Treasure Chest
Wood Pile
Ore Shelf
Stone Pile

New Containers

Herb Garden
Small Treasure Hoard
Medium Treasure Hoard
Treasure Vault
Furniture Shop Display - Wood
Furniture Shop Display - Stone
Furniture Shop Display - Clay



Excellent mod, great job !!

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After testings, seems that some containers can stuck Hearthlings when they try to move them or store stuff in them :frowning: Encountered this issue with clay barrel, treasure chest and stone pile so far.


Awesome, thanks for the heads-up. I noticed it with one of the new ones I was adding in, I’m not surprised it cropped up again. Will work on getting that fixed for sure :smiley:

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Found some hiccups in the placement numbers that were messing with the collision, I fixed the three you mentioned and poked at it in microworld and I’m not seeing the stuck problems anymore. Updated the google drive link to fix those while I make sure the others are okay; let me know if you catch any others or if those still give you problems. :slight_smile:


sigh sigh i keep seeing my hearthlings getting stuck on the Farmers Market, the Apothecary cabinet, and the Ore Shelf. i havent seeing anyone get stuck on the clay barrel yet but i’m testing them all out now that i’ve found them getting stuck on a few already.

Blargh. That’s so weird - I’ve got a high-end town with several of each dropped in for testing purposes, and I can’t replicate it with any regularity. Does it happen if you move the item to a different spot, or move an adjacent item out of the way?

ok well here’s what’s happening. i have the apathocary cabinet directly next to the herbalist table because DUH they go with one another but when my hearthlings go to put any potions or herbs and stuff into them for storage they kinda sit there humping the thing. when i attempt to move it they magically drop the things they were carrying into the cabinet.

i have the farmers market stand next to a building but there should be enough space on all sides for a hearthling to run around it in circles if there was such a way to do make them do that. so it’s not directly next to anything that would cause anything to go wrong yet once again, my hearthlings hump it when trying to put stuff into it unless there are MULTIPLE hearthlings all trying to put stuff into it at which time the previous first to start humping is able to put it’s thing into the storage and then the next and then the next until it’s just one again standing there humping the side of it.

this is the same case with the ore shelf i have two side by side but enough space between the two for hearthlines to run between them yet they always end up getting stuck humping it with whatever they are holding.

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Okay, thanks for the extra info! That’ll help narrow it down. I’ve seen it happen, but I thought I’d tweaked it all out already since I hadn’t seen it happen again since my changes; I’ll take a look either tonight or in the morning and see what I can sort out. :slight_smile:

i AM using other mods but none that would effect this mod i don’t think.

I aten’t dead! Got finals coming up and another project I’m trying to find time to help with, but I whipped up a couple of shop displays for furniture (I’ve got a few more I just haven’t put together yet, for various decor/rugs/tapestries/etc). Check the main post for details. :slight_smile:


First off let me just say amazing job on this mod. Decorating is so much more fun and adds a lot more flavor to towns. Keep up the great work!!!

Just a heads up, the Wood Pile says it holds 100 items in the item description but it’s only holding 72 items. Also noticed that when ya consolidate wheat the resulting items aren’t stored in the Hay Bale or the Cook Shelf, though now that I think about it this might be a Better Stockpiles issue.

Have you considered a storage container for Cooked Foods? Maybe a pot with a small smoke effect coming from the middle to simulate steam, sitting over a fire they can fill their plates from. For meat you could always toss a cooked poyo or two on a spit over a fire. Just some ideas :smiley:

You revived Spiro’s Container Mod?!

And with…

Thank you! :blush:


I’m glad the table model came out so nicely. It looks great @MaraRose

Is it just me or does one leg look fatter then the other?

Thanks guys :smiley:

@Omegasa I’m not sure, but I can double check it - it ended up working really well and is super easy to shrink stuff down on though. :slight_smile:

@Logo For some reason I never caught the Woodpile until right after this most recent update, lol. I fixed it in my files but didn’t want to upload a whole new one just for that one fix. >< More cooked food storage is actually on the list of stuff I want to do soon! I tend to get distracted easily, but it’s definitely something I want to get in there.


@MaraRose Is there any chance you might add a RC themed varient?

This is by far my number one favorite mod, because I am OCD and hate giant piles of clutter… but I prefer RC, and they take forever to get a carpenter to make most of these, and they don’t really look blended. :frowning:

Is this one compatible with A23 and A24?

Looks like it’s been quite a while since @MaraRose has been on, I hope everything is okay.

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I think it is still compatible/playable. (A23)

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Same i really like this mod :slight_smile:

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