[Mod] Better Storage v1.5


The storage system in StoneHearth is easy to use, but maybe you need more filtering capabilities? Want to separate flowers from fibers? Wheat grains from food? Meat from animal feed?

Better Storage is here for you! Adding more filters to stockpiles, crates and chests for better resource management.

Feedback, suggestions and bug reports are welcome!

For source and changelog, visit the Github page.


Version 1.5 for Stonehearth 1.1
Download on Steam Workshop
Download on Github


Better Storage could not be compatible with mods which add items or modify storage filters.

Better Storage is not compatible with ACE.

If you want to ensure compatibility of a mod with BS, please refers to this guide: Material Tags · ShinjiSakanami/BetterStorage Wiki · GitHub

Recommended mods


French translation is included in BS / Traduction française incluse dans BS !

Un guide pour mettre Stonehearth en français est disponible ici : Steam Community :: Guide :: [FR] Traduction Française du jeu

A Traditional Chinese translation for BS is available here. Thanks @dalabo !

A German translation is also available here. Thanks @Wiese2007 !


Version 1.5 for Stonehearth 1.1
  • Converted material tags to arrays.
  • Added “Stone Brick”, “Pile of Dirt” and “Large Pile of Dirt” to “Resources” category.
  • Added “Nature Gem Bits” filter to “Ores” category.
  • Reordered “Plants” filters.
  • Added “Legendary Materials” filter to “Refined Materials” category.
  • Split “Bandages & Healing Tonic” into two separated filters.
  • Fixed items not properly stored: Earthbud Seed, Sweet Potato Seed, Coarse Fiber Bundle, Twin Rustic Lamppost, Golden Chair, Golden Wall Supply Shelf, Gold Plated Stone Table, Ceramic Supply Rack, Ceramic Corner Supply Rack, Ceramic Wall Supply Shelf, Market Trading Shelf (Clay).
Version 1.4 for Stonehearth 1.0
  • Compatibility with Stonehearth 1.0 with support of new items like chitins and Geomancer’s stuff.
  • New global filters to help with mods compatibility.
  • New categories for furniture, building parts, defenses and decorations, filtered by craft material, so it’s now easy to store crafts by artisan.
  • Detailed categories are back: Ore, Refined Metals, Plants, Raw Foods and Prepared Foods.
  • Some filters reorganization.
  • Some vanilla item tags fixes.
  • Many changes, a full changelog will (maybe) come later.

For older versions, visit the Github page.

Poll (Closed)

In BS 1.0, I removed Ore and Metal Bars categories to ensure better compatibility with mods and simplify things. What do you think about that change?

  • Ore and Metal Bars should be detailed categories again, it was very useful (old version)
  • Ore and Metal Bars don’t need to be detailed, simple filters are enough (current version)

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A really nice mod well done :wink:

Nice would you bring this to Praise :wink:

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Done! Thanks @Shizuyori for the suggestion :slight_smile:


Version 1.1 now available on Dropbox and PraiseDB.

  • Leather Bolt moved to Refined Animal Parts.
  • Fur Rug moved to Decorations.
  • Jerkies moved to Meat & Eggs.

totally waited for a mod like this! And you really hit the point for me with the new separations just like I wished them to be.
Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

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Wuhu i wait for this a long time :slight_smile:

Now we could create a Modpack together :slight_smile: More & better Stockpiles <3

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So I just wanted to tell the Alpha 15 Users that a few things sadly don’t work . The resources-tab doesn’t work (wood,stone,clay and ore) also a few other items are not registered (like animalparts) So I would say it is not compatible with Alpha 15. As Shinsaka mentioned this is for Alpha 16 R2924 and was not tested (or meant to work) for other Versions so this isn’t a complaint :slight_smile: Just an Info for those like me who don’t play the unstable Steamversion. ( I play on the Standalone-Client so no unstable Version for me ^^)
More anticipation for me when I finally play Alpha 16 with better Stockpiles :grin:


Thanks for confirming that. Better Stockpiles don’t work with A15 cause Radiant modified some item tags and filters, and I use them. I have the Steam Unstable version and so I can’t convert my mod. I’m sorry, A15 users :cry:


You can opt-out of beta and the stable A15 will download automatically (if you’re unsure if it’ll break something, do a backup somewhere else first). And after you grab A15, you can opt-in again in the unstable branch and redownload A16.

Just toggle the option in the dropdown. It is explained here at the bottom (how to switch between branches) : Development – Stonehearth


Added a compatible version for Alpha 15!!

I changed the versioning, there’s now version 0.15.1 for A15 R549 and version 0.16.1 for A16 R2924.
Version 0.16.1 is the same as the previous 1.1, if you already have it you don’t need to redownload it.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Nice work Shinsaka!, just to let you know I made a little adjustment to praise so that if you comment on your own mod it won’t show as a notification anymore, silly I didn’t fix it sooner but there we go :slight_smile:


New version 0.16.2 for Alpha 16 Release 2940 !

  • Compatibility with R2940 (Goblin Honor Tokens moved to “gems and trophies”).
  • Renamed “flowers” to “herbs” (to be consistent with craft recipes).
  • Renamed “goods produced from bits of animals” to “leather”.
  • Divided “Plants & Animal Parts” into two separated categories.
  • “Plants” category with “fibers”, “herbs” and “saplings” subcategories.
  • “Animal Parts” category with “fur pelts”, “skins” and “feathers” subcategories.

New version 0.15.2 for Alpha 15 Release 549 !

  • Moved “Goblin Honor Tokens” to “gems and trophies”.
  • Renamed “flowers” to “herbs” (to be consistent with craft recipes).
  • Renamed “goods produced from bits of animals” to “leather”.
  • Divided “Plants & Animal Parts” into two separated categories.
  • “Plants” category with “fibers”, “herbs” and “saplings” subcategories.
  • “Animal Parts” category with “fur pelts” and “skins” subcategories.

New version 0.16.3 for Alpha 16 Release 2972 !

  • Compatibility with Alpha 16 stable release.
  • Added “wool” subcategory to “Animal Parts” category.
  • Moved “Wool Bundle” to “wool” subcategory.

I will no more provide support or modifications to my mod for Alpha 15.

Enjoy Alpha 16 !

(Is PraiseDB down ? Can’t access it.)

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Better Stockiples 0.16.3 now available on PraiseDB and StoneHearth Mods !


Thank you so much for the update, really enjoy this mod. I hope as the developers move forward they incorporate the additional filters as it make it so much easier to manage a larger (or more spread out ) town.

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The source and changelog for Better Stockpiles are now on Github !

Github replaces Dropbox as the main release deposit. Much better.

Are cloth and thread on different categories now?

@Apani: No, they are together in the “thread & cloth” category.