Stream tonight with Angelo & Justin (🛠️ Let's talk mods 🛠️)


Thanks! Also, somewhat new to the forum, so does the “team radiant” next to your name mean you’re part of the staff?

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Yup! Welcome, I’m Angelo. Going to be on stream tonight with Justin, hopefully modding up some stuff live… gonna be an interesting challenge :slight_smile:


Alright, thanks, last question. What time zone are you guys in, so i know which tonight to start keeping an eye out for ya?

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We’ll start the stream at 6pm PST, we’re in California.

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That should be mighty interesting.
Some ideas immediately popping to mind:

Fresh: “Snapping” idea
Old: improving SHED to support most tracks from the game (currently only cubemitters are supported)

I’m also very interested in details about the current work on lighting system, about how the light is implemented and works within the game (consciously modding lights requires the understanding of how do Bezier curves work for brightness/radius/color of the light).

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I’d say right off the bat, use either @BrunoSupremo’s River mod or archipelago mod. After playing the same landscapes over and over again, the change in scenery really helps refresh the game, and they (I presume) dive deep into the world gen code.

Those two

Rivers mod 🗺

Archipelago Biome mod 🏝️ (now with automatic fishing and bug fixs)

@Shinsaka’s Better Stockpiles mod is a good look at item tags and UI Finagling.


[Mod] Better Storage v1.0 [A22+]

To go with @MelOzone’s interest with the lighting system, why not @8BitCrab’s Forest Rune mod? Adds other light colors, for a new aesthetic.


[Mod] (A21) 8BitCrab's Rune Mod: V2.6

P.S. Dunno if supposed to suggest mods now or when stream starts, so I’m doing it now.

Edit: OK. The “Hide Details” thing works in my preview but not when I actually post it. Weird.


Try adding empty strings before and after blocks of text.

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I quit. Somehow it works with the last one, but not with the first 2. I don’t know what’s different.

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Yes Please.

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I would be interested in character races and weapons / armour. I find the Archer / Cleric lacking in these departments.

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Thanks for participating everyone! Justin and I are gonna do the same thing next week and I’ll take a look at some of the things in this thread so I can talk about them then.


It looked kinda messy at first because you weren’t aware which mods are outdated :slight_smile:

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Yeah :sweat_smile: I just put them all on and hoped for the best!


So glad you’re doing this again, I felt terrible for missing the stream but what can I do when I don’t have WiFi for a week? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m kinda disappointed as most of the time people kept asking about off-topic things like building features or rts controls… (and insisting on it)… And we had just 3 or 4? questions about modding or mods… Either modders know everything already and had no questions or they were not present at all?

Thankfully the stream was super fun.


It may have been a combination of announcing the subject on the day of the stream, and also just me trying to not ignore questions or comments that I see. Next time we can try to be a tad more structured. Thanks!

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Hey I was thinking about a hack for fish, could you always path to a point within a small radius of the fish that is in the water, then walk the ‘line’ to that position to make sure there isn’t any land? Right now there isn’t a way to get a path that’s based on the preferences of the caller. We could add that in the future, but for now we have to find a work around.

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Don’t worry.
Another way I thought is at the fish creation detect if it is near land, and then move the center of its leash away from the land.


I’m generally kinda shy cough, so even if I write any questions here I hesitate to post them in the stream chat.


I usually end this kinda of streams very frustrated with myself, cause I can never think of a good question, and then when it ends I remember them all… This time I wrote it in a note.