Stream tonight with Max & Angelo: QoL improvements and engineering questions

@ayazar and I will be streaming tonight, Thursday August 31st, at 18:00 PST.

We’ll be looking into making small quality of life improvements and answering engineering or modding question, so please make suggestions for the former in this thread, and hold the latter for the stream.

See you tonight!


:jubilant: See you then!


QoL improvements, lemme think. :thinking:

  • have pet owners feed their pets after lunch (so you don’t need to worry about keeping food in crates)
  • put a ‘disable clouds’ option in the ‘graphics section’ of the settings.
  • technical suggestion, so a modding QoL improvement suggestion I guess: Allowing for an recipe_ingredient_picture to be specified in the .json of the recipe. Bonus points for a display_ingredient_name for the ingredient name that appears when you hover over the ingredient_picture.
  • speaking about modding QoL: @BrunoSupremo had one about “material_tags”

I hope these are useful for the stream. I can’t come (I have to be sleeping at that time) to the stream tonight, but have fun everyone :smile:!


@nikosthefan we didn’t get time to do any of this on stream, but I can comment on them.

This may be a bit more involved than one could accomplish in an hour’s stream, but sounds cool. I’m working on some fundamental AI changes right now, so we are avoiding adding much new AI behaviors for a little while until that’s done.

We don’t know if clouds as they are now will continue to exist as Allie clarifies our art style vision, so we don’t want to stick such a tiny tweak in the settings menu alongside major configurations like rendering quality. I think your approach of doing it via mod is the right way to go.

This seems straightforward. Can you give an example of when you might use it over the defaults?

Yeah, we definitely want to do this at some point, but this involves tons of search and replace and testing that isn’t particularly fun on stream, plus it also probably wouldn’t fit.


Of course I can. In my Piles Plus mod, I use a custom material tag as my ingredient in a recipe. Now since a material tag is not an object, it doesn’t have a picture, or the hover-over text for that matter (well, it shows the tag itself, which has these:_ for spaces, and can’t be translated). Because of this, the recipe I modded in doesn’t show a picture for the recipe.
This suggestion would eliminate that problem.

Sounds reasonable. If I remember correctly the material i18n is a bit hacky in that it’s hardcoded to look up in the stonehearth localization file rather than a mod. We can probably factor that out into a material tag index that can specify metadata like images and localization paths, which would then be moddable.

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What you are looking for is at the data/resource_constants.json

There you set a group of tags to an image and name. For example, fibers are like that. Wool, silkweed, tumbleweed, all have the “fiber” as a common tag. Then in that file there is an entry for fiber, with the appropriate text and image for the generic ingredient.


Ah, looks like we already did what I said we should do above! Thanks, Bruno.