Stream tonight w/ Stephanie, bring Qs and templates!

Hey everyone, tonight I’ll be jamming on templates for the ascendancy crafters, based on some designs @allie did earlier this year. If you’ve got example templates you’d like to show off for inspiration, be sure to bring them by!

I also heard from the Desktop Tuesday survey (which you can still take here!) that we should answer more of your questions, so if you have any questions about the game, the team, the schedule or anything at all, list them here and we’ll get to as many as we can. :slight_smile:


I really like this new approach of announcing the topic and host before the stream. I still miss the days of the dedicated coding (and then art) stream time, of course, but this definitely is getting me more excited for each stream we do get.

Will you be able to answer any questions about the building changes coming eventually, or should I leave those for another week?


I’d say ask away :slightly_smiling_face:
Plus if we don’t know the answer there’s still some time before the stream to ask the corresponding engineer.
But I think Stephanie knows what’s planned for building too.


All I can ask is for templates could you please make one for a storage warehouse?

  1. Besides fixing the bugs with water fractures and glitching, what’s the intended end game result? Will water flow and be dynamic like Terraria, where there’s only ever so much of it, or will we have static water spots like Minecraft?

  2. You (@sdee) had mentioned before that the art style was going to be redone. What will the new art style look like, and do you have any concept art you can share?

  3. What’s the status on the geomancer, magma smith, and other classes that we’ve been told about but haven’t seen yet?

  4. Are the original Kickstarter pets even still a thing, or has that been scrapped?

  5. Did y’all kill Tom and Tony?

  6. What ever happened to the Rabit people, The Northern Alliance, and other races?

  7. Why do the Ascendancy have Winter Worker outfits, and prefer them to the upgraded worker outfit, yet the Children don’t?

  8. What’s the REAL point of the cultist trait, and where do y’all plan to take it?

Sorry for all the questions, just things I’ve been wondering.


If I may comment on this one:

Lol no, I can attest they’re still alive :slightly_smiling_face:
They help us when we need them, even if they’re no longer as involved with the game as in the beginnings.


By the way, when stream 300 eventually rolls around, will it be like the big combined stream that #200 was, so if nothing else you can prove to the community that Tom and Tony are, in fact, still alive? :wink:

ok, questions.

  1. Race idea: lizardfolk if you where to get a lot of models for a concept would there be any chance of them being added? Free models. though I doubt this will happen.

  2. when if ever will the terrain generation be enhanced?

  3. crossbows?

Has there been plan to implement a priority system, mostly for task, like everyone is set to do their job and to haul and if the 2 tasks have to be done only those with higher haul priority will haul and those with higher job priority will do their job, so that will be easier when you have a few things to do same when mining like you have 3 mining and those same miners also haul but instead of mining and hauling they just mine since that has higher priority for them.

@sdee, appreciate you getting through all my questions. I know there were a lot.


I do have a question tho about the Development of Stonehearth that has been a concern for me for a great deal of time… Walls! we can not Delete walls! when it comes to building and trying to design or even edit a house that we have built or a template that came with the game we can not get rid of walls! so my question is when do you plan to fix this issue? it makes it Really pesky to try and design and edit.

Also i would like to know if you plan on including Magic to the game? it would be interesting to have Sorcery that can be used for both as a combat Villager but also have other benefits that can aid the town as a whole! like for example make a small rain cloud to assist the farmers or some thing!

I also have an Idea / Suggestion! This is not some thing i expect any time soon but after playing the game a great deal i can not help but feel that the Animation style and Combat could make for a rather decent RTS game… perhaps a Spin off or game mode?