[Mod] (A21) 8BitCrab's Rune Mod: V2.6

what this adds:

“8BitCrab’s Rune Mod” adds 9 new craftable runic items, the Rune Stone, Small Rune Stone, Forest Rune, Small Forest Rune, Runic Firepit, Rune Stone Brazier, Rune Stone Wall Brazier, Forest Rune Garden Lantern, and Forest Rune Wall Lantern.

known issues

  • none yet!

planned features

  • none for now.

V2.6 download:


here’s the runic firepit at night.

and a screenshot of all the other runic items beside a hearthling for scale,

from left to right: Small Rune Stone, Rune Stone, Small Forest Rune, Forest Rune.

Rune Stone Wall Brazier, Rune Stone Brazier, Forest Rune Wall Lantern, and Forest Rune Garden Lantern

this mod was made for @Simica_Na, however i decided to also release it to the public. i might add more stuff to the mod, but i’ve been really procrastinating lately (not to mention i’m sick) so don’t expect much.

i hope you like it, and if you run into any problems please report them here in my thread!


Omg I cant wait to try it out when I get home! Thank you again!

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Looks great! Nice work Mr Crab :slight_smile:

If you need some more inspiration, is love a mod that’s swaps the Shepherd with the trapper, i had a go but no cigar :frowning:

anyone have pics of this mod?

Right here is a link to it. You’ll want to scroll down to the bottom, but there are plenty of pics there.

Edit: The pics start at #42


as i said last night,


going to be taking those right after i’m done checking stuff on the discourse.

alright, main post updated with a screenshot of all the other runic items. took a bit longer to get to the taking of the screenshot due to having to reinstall stonehearth because my stonehearth.smod got messed up somehow… :confused:


I have everything but the fire place placed down! No bugs so far

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after many many crashes, i give you the first look at the lamps,

Forest Rune Wall Lamps

there will also be garden lamps, along with Rune Stone versions of both. just put it together this morning so it definitely needs some more work, but itss good enough for now.


I can’t wait till this is in!


glad you’re excited, depending upon how my day go’s these might be released in an update later tonight.

Okay! I am trying to get my mason to level 6 right now so she can make a fire pit.

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Thanks @8BitCrab

This looks great, I am going to try this out today.

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after thinking about it for awhile, i’ve decided to go with braziers instead of lamps for the rune stone variety, here’s the first look at those,

Rune Stone Braziers


So shiny. I love it!

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Maybe you could make the forest lamps as something that levitates off the ground or wall and it looks like a smaller version of the shrines.

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i’ve actually already designed them (though i haven’t got them in-game yet) and they basically are exactly what you just described :smile:

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Cool! Sounds awesome.

the only issue I have found thus far is the firepit when placing it. it never seemed to physically show up

however I found the effects really cool imo xD


Looks cool I wish I could level my mason up to level 6 but she just won’t level up for me to craft that.

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well… that is a problem, will look into that today.

hmm… testing on my end i cannot repro this… however that could just be that the issue is actually already fixed on my version. so if i get the time i’ll finish the lights up today and make V2.0 public.

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