Hearthlings ignoring roads

Hearhlings are ignoring roads and moving around more “freely”
As you can see on the screenshots, they do not use the roads.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 22 R719 X64


I can confirm, in my save they would usually go exactly in the middle of the roads. Now they are even walking on top of the stair handrails.

They are also taking ridiculous long routes. I have two very close destinations, around 50 blocks apart, with a very clear accessible route as I saw other hearthlings actually using it.
But then, most were taking a ladder down off my island to the right, going all around the island (in the water) to the left side, just to climb back on to the island and then go to the destination. A route without roads, in the water, and is visible 200 or more blocks longer…


Thanks for reporting! I’m taking a look. If you can give us a save file to verify with, that’d be very useful!

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I hope groms (and others) can show their saves too. My save is from modded game, requiring the Archipelago mod. But here it is anyway if you find it useful:
1495245006261.rar (9.1 MB)

Edit: Oh, I must add that this save was made in last version a21! And was ok in that version. Saving it in the new version didn’t make a difference.


Thanks! I was able to reproduce it from that savefile (what a cozy little port!). Looking into it.


And I did upload a my save a few seconds ago … gnaf :smiley:

Same mods as in my first post


This was a savegame backward-compatibility issue that caused us to sometimes assign effectively random priorities to road tiles, which in turn caused pathing to go bonkers when there were lots of roads around. The fix will be included in the next build.


WoW and I thought it was because of waffles :smiley: :joy: :laughing: