Wizards Class Pack Mod A21 (WIP)

Wizards 0.3.5 A22


This is really just a re-tag to the current game version than a new release. I spent some time reading through the release notes and making sure that nothing in the new version affects anything this mod does; As far as i can tell, there are no conflicts.


Currently known bugs:

  • Sometimes the artificer will reach through the back of his crafting desk to craft, as he does not care which side he approaches from to craft. At the moment you can deal with this by placing the crafting bench against a wall to force him to use the correct side.
  • Some items may not get moved to a stockpile. I believe I fixed most of them but if you see any more let me know.

v0.3.5 is now also out! This is just a very simple bug fix version that deals with an overlooked issue when changing classes from the green wizard; Before, they would drop the jade hammer, which was never meant to happen and is unsellable. Now it just won’t drop.

Change Log

  • No Changes other than the name


Wizards is a mod that seeks to expand upon the current combat classes in Stonehearth by adding new magical-esque classes to the current roster.This mod (assuming all goes to plan) is the first “pack” of classes I plan on creating (again, if all goes well). As I work on the mod and make progress I will post descriptions of the classes along with screen shots, bugs, to-dos, etc. I hope you enjoy!

There are 3 combat - oriented classes:

  • Blue Wizard (ranged debuff / damage hybrid)
  • Red Wizard (short range high damage)
  • Green Wizard (brawler with aoe abilities)

As well as 1 new crafting class:

  • Artificer

The mod now has all the wizard classes and is functional as of Alpha 21. You can download the mod at my google drive (older versions in the download section below). Please Keep in mind this is still very much in alpha; Class progression / requirements, abilities, and buffs are all subject to change.


Blue Wizard


The blue wizard is a damage / support caster who specializes in ice magic, hurling shards of ice at his enemies. While they lack the sheer firepower of the Red Mage, they make up for it in other ways, able to shoot projectiles as far as an archer and inflicting debuffs to speed and strength. At the highest level they can use their true cold ability to inflict even harsher debuffs, including impairing the enemies regenerative abilities. Damage is scaled off of curiosity and diligence.


  • Good health and health regen
  • Good Range
  • Comparable single target damage
  • Great for preventing enemies from running away (pesky archers)
  • Decreases enemy damage output
  • Essentially makes a single target helpless at max level


  • Last Responder (has no speed increase bonuses)
  • Low Defense
  • Unable to escape from danger (ties in to the lack of speed)

At the moment, you can make a Blue Wizard out of a worker with the Blue Magic Tome, which is crafted by a level 1 herbalist for 1 leather. He is very overpowered early game as he is meant to be a late game class. Eventually he will be reachable from the artificer class for some fairly expensive materials.

Red Wizard


The red wizard is a pure dps class who throws molten rocks at his enemies, potentially setting them ablaze. They have less range than the Blue Wizard, but run faster and at ignore 80% of armor (with levels). At level 5 they unlock the inferno ability, a (currently) single target attack that devastates a unit with a massive damage over time effect and stripping the foe of 50% of their armor for the duration. Damage is scaled off of curiosity and diligence.


  • Tears through armored enemies with ease
  • Good speed; First Responder.
  • High single target damage
  • Burn things! Devastating DoTs


  • Low maximum health, very squishy.
  • Low Defense
  • Shorter attack range than other ranged units

At the moment, you can make a Red Wizard out of a worker with the Red Magic Tome, which is crafted by a level 1 herbalist for 1 leather. He is overpowered early game(although not quite as much as the blue wizard) as he is meant to be a late game class. Eventually he will be reachable from the artificer class for some fairly expensive materials.

Green Wizard


The Green Wizard is a front-lining melee class who wields a warhammer in one hand and their magic tome in the other. Their normal attacks hit with an aoe that hurts up to 3 enemies at a time, and at level 3 they unlock the earthquake ability, a powerful attack that has a large aoe. At level 6, they unlock the ability to summon a stone golem to fight alongside them (not currently implemented)


  • good against multiple targets
  • great support through their armor aura buff
  • powerful abilities


  • poor single target damage
  • poor tanking capability

At the moment, you can make a Green Wizard out of a worker with the Greeb Magic Tome, which is crafted by a level 1 herbalist for 1 leather. He can hold his own in battle, but will do much better when paired with a knight. Eventually he will be reachable from the artificer class for some fairly expensive materials.




As this is not particularly relevant to the mod itself but custom content mods in general, I thought it would be better to put this in a comment than the topic. It is in relation to the translation files.

Getting the translation to work properly was a big pain, more so than I thought it should have been. After numerous file validations and path changes I still could not get the display names and descriptions to work properly, and none of the information I could find on the forums proved to be useful. I have noticed this problems with other mods too; Aviex’s Assasin mod for example (the display names are all super long json paths in game for me as of the mod’s Alpha 19 update). I managed to get a working solution through trial and error today.

To get the translation working properly, I had to add in to the manifest.json mixintos section:

"stonehearth/locales/en.json": "file(locales/en.json)"

and then I had to change the extensions for all my translates to “stonehearth:”, like below (from the wizard_blue_description.json):

"display_name": "i18n(stonehearth:jobs.wizard_blue.wizard_blue_description.display_name)"

So far I have had no problems since extending everything like this. What I want to know is if this is a viable way to go about it as I have yet to find another way to implement it, and if not is there a better way? Perhaps some veteran of stonehearth json translation is out there with some thoughts? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wondering does it support A21?

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That is because in your manifest you named your mod Wizards, but every where else (including the i18n) you are using wizards. Just make sure the name is lower case and it works. (I tested)

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Interesting, when I tried that earlier it didn’t work (there were also multiple bugs in the json though at the time) I’ll try reverting that back then, thanks!

Hello @wwtd. I am going to take your mod for a spin in a moment, just a quick question that I have right now. How is the wizards damage output calculated? Is it static/lvl based/ stat based? For comparison, Footmen/Knights damage is based on their Str(Body) and Clerics healing is based on their Compassion(Spirit).

Hi @Yarpen, i am still getting acquainted with all these json aliases and combat files so at the moment unfortunately I can only give an educated guess. I used the archer job as a template for the blue wizard files; At the moment, I believe his damage is static, tied solely to the tome’s base damage and the 20% damage buff he gets at level 1. Eventually, I would like to scale the blue and red wizards damage by their Mind(Diligence) stat, but I’m still in the process of figuring that part out :slight_smile:

@WarLink sorry for the slow response, just out of work. To answer your question: I think it should. Looking over the development blog for A21 it’s mostly customization which should not affect the wizard jobs. The only potential issue I can see at the moment is the preferred profession trait, but I will try my best to iron out any bugs if / when necessary.


In regards to the whole damage calculating system of stonehearth I got curious, and did some digging. I found the damage calculations inside of the combat_service.lua file.

The damage calculation for all attacks in this game follow the basic calculation of:
math.round(total_damage - total_armor)

but total_damage is filtered through a number of different checks so that the actual in-depth calculation of total_damage becomes:

total_damage = (base_damage + (base_damage * multiplicative_dmg_modifier) + (additive_dmg_modifier + (muscle * MUSCLE_MELEE_MULTIPLIER) * MUSCLE_MELEE_MULTIPLIER_BASE)) * attack_info.damage_multiplier
  • base_damage is either the ranged / melee damage of the weapon

  • multiplicative_dmg_modifier is a multiplier for the weapon’s damage

  • additive_dmg_modifier is a flat damage increase to your total damage

  • muscle is the hearthling’s muscle stat

  • attack_info.damage_multiplier is an overall damage multiplier, seen in ability files such as the footman’s power spike attack (2x damage).

The part I find interesting is that when calculating this damage, muscle is added regardless of the attack type as long as the attacking entity (a hearthling for example) has the muscle attribute. This means that not only the footman and knight get a damage modifer, but also the archer (and blue wizard). Even the cleric gets additional damage with higher STR (but it’s still laughable).

I will look in to creating my own wizard combat service files and wizard combat packages at some point down the line, but for now if you want a high damage wizard make sure they are beefy :stuck_out_tongue:


Just a quick update to progress today:

reverted the translations strings and made the title lower case as per @BrunoSupremo’s recommendation, tested and it works.

After a couple hours of mental gymnastics I managed to create a working version of the blue wizard whose damage scales off of INT attributes instead of muscle. The wizards combat system is local to the mod so it should not conflict with any other mods.

Once I get the cube emitters working for the projectiles and do some more testing I will roll out the new version and begin on the red wizard

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Version 0.1.2 is out! The particles on the ice shard are jsut a clone of one of the fountain emitters at the moment, but I think it turned out pretty decent


This looks like fun =w=

XD This would be asking a lot… But i would LOVE to eventually see a necromancer class. Essentially a engineer turned undead mob spawner with the dark church cultist mobs appearance.

@Yang_Koete glad to hear it :smiley:

@The_Necromancer that wouldn’t by any chance be in relation to your user name is it? :stuck_out_tongue: in all seriousness though, I have been toying with the idea of having the green mage for this mod summon stonelings or something similar. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a service for mob / unit summoning implemented at this current time (at least not that I am aware of, if there is let me know :slight_smile:). I’m not saying it is impossible, but it would require writing out my own lua service and action scripts and until 3 or 4 days ago I had never even touched the language. To sum up, I will be looking in to ‘summoning’ features down the line but I make no promises other than to try my best. In the event I’ve added your idea to my thinkpad for now though as I also think it would be pretty cool :smiley:


@wwtd how about the large stone golem, which spawns stonelings once it is destroyed? Maybe you could find something there.

@Yarpen I got curious so I was looking around in the files and found the little_stone_golem and stone_golem; I assume by the large you mean the stone_golem. I didn’t see anything in their information about spawning mobs on death in any of their json info, and they don’t seem to have any ai packs unique to them, but I will keep digging :slight_smile:

Brief update today, have all the models done for the red wizard (mostly recolors of the blue : once I get round to equipment their looks will begin to diverge in other ways). I’ve also been implementing the buffs, and hope to start testing the class out tomorrow.

Just a suggestion, but maybe the red wizards could have turbans and over-robes, to differentiate their looks? Kinda Middle-Eastern?

The golem mechanics are controlled by a campaign. The campaign creates the big golem and keep tracking him, When it dies, it activates a node that summons the little golems.

@BrunoSupremo yup found it this morning :slight_smile: I’ll have to dig in to the campaign scripts but it’s a good place to start, thanks!

@Golden hmm I’ll think it over as that would be viable. For the initial release they’ll be wearing the red hat (see below) because I want to get out the core functionality asap so people can start playing with it (and / or breaking it :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I began testing all the red wizard today and making sure everything is loading correctly; Here’s a picture of one of the female wizards:

Just got tweak some buffs and make sure the abilities work correctly!


Keeping the goblins warm at night :stuck_out_tongue:

new version is out! Enjoy!