Magical Mod and some voxeled Creations

Hi! First of all, Congratulations for achiev a successful kickstarter campaign!! now it’s time to work and start the game.

I’m starting this topic because i really want to make a mod about magic. Maybe, the creators will implement some magic in the future with wizards and sorcerers… but by now e don’t have any confirmation, so i’m going to work on my own little project; And for that i’m sure that i’ll need a ton of Voxeled things made with Qubicle like: Items, guys, cloths, robes, bad guys, magic furnituring, enchanting stuff, potions spells rendering, magical evil towers and… well i think that you can catch the idea wth those examples.

So 1.- Please if you post your creations in here, they have to be magic-related, so no steam, no blackpowder stuff, no technology

2.- i’ll post when i can, so don’t expect that this is a very updated post, maybe i can post something every week, but i’m not even sure, because i have exams right now, and they are very importnt for me.

3.- Even with the Pepe’s image of the guys, i still need somekind of proportion for my creations so… anyone knows how high are the guys?? i think that they are 34 pixels up, but if anyone can confirm it, it would be wonderful!!

Here’s is the only image published byt Radiant where we can see a wizard… or at least someone holding a staff:


At last, here’s my first creation, it’s just a simple Rod of… power? haha no idea, but it’s a simple item to start with qubicle creator :stuck_out_tongue:


EDIT: images posted from a link instead of storaging them in the forums


Hi Raistlin, looking forward to some work done by you…

Regarding 3… I think the high depends a bit on the different models shown in the streams and on pictures. If you take a look on the stream where the Magma Smith is created, you will see some nice shots of a “standard dude”. He is actually 33 voxels high. However, I also counted up to as high as 35 using some other sources.

Regarding 4… Qubicle Constructor has a build-in feature called “Turntable”… which you have obviously already found ^^.

haha yes!! i’ve foun everythig pretty soon!! Qubicle editor it’s reaaaaally intuitive!! ty!!

emmm BTW, it’s there anyway to make the voxels look semi-transparent… like the glass?? (not totally transparent because then it would be invisible :p)

nice work on the staff @Raistlin … looking forward to seeing more of your creations… :slight_smile:

@Raistlin Could work with the “Saturation”-Option. However, “Hue/Saturation” are not available in the trial :-/

Ty!! @voxel_pirate!! if i finally can get more time, i’ll buy it, but right now, i’ll do what i can with the basic edition, that it’s fair complete to start with simple things.

The transparency it’s for this glass bottle for potions, and vials(phials??) to store some liquid ingredients:


here you can see some furnituring to store your vials :stuck_out_tongue:


but, this is my faouvorite for now: Magic missiles!!! trow this darts at your enemy and he’s dead!! (i need suggestions for the colors, because white seems so boring and i can’t make them glow right now):


if a guy was close to them , the missiles would look much smaller, they are maybe like the size of a hand or less

BTW i’m a huge fan/player of D&D, and i’ll try to make some spells from those books( specially 3.5 edition, i think it’s better that v4 of D&D books)

hope you like it!!

EDIT: images posted from a link instead of storaging them in the forums


Looks good :D. I am currently working on the staff(s) of Le Blanc From league of legends :P. If you want it i can post those here.

absolutely… would love to see more magical creations… :slight_smile:

Sure!! no problem!! indeed if you can it would be so cool if you make the lampost of Jax, it’s the hero that i use the most :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha, i’m sure i can infuse some magical properties into that weapon ^^

Apart from this. I’ll start to post things like furniture or houses/towers of the firsts tier that i think the wizards can have. And some small goodies that they carry around too.

For the robes i’ll probably wait until some official template of the characters is released by the Radiant team. Also… i don’t think i’m good enough to make any mobs yet haha, but we’ll see.

keep it up! i really like your stuff.

Here are the staffs of LeBlanc from League of Legends

Link to all my creations and pictures of the originals: Yangzhoui's Replica's

Today ill try to make the lamppost of Jax. :D.


Who wants a piece of the champ!

I used the reworked Jax for the lamppost cause the old one looks slightly different.


These are looking good :3 Looking forward to more of your work and your mod :slight_smile:

Wow!! those staffs look really great!!! and ty for the lampost @Yangzhoui !! hahaha it’s wonderfull!!.

here i have something i’ve made recently :stuck_out_tongue:


This is the basic T1 magical table that my wizards will have to start investigating in magic; it’s v1, and it’s not very detailed, but i didn’t wanted to have a tabled crowded with stuff. Also it’s made of wook because it’s just an initial table.

It has an inkwell with the Quill, a book in a bookstand, and a magical orb floating ^^.
An here are some goodies too:


Just a goblet with infinite water, and a small coin purse or little bag to cary some ingredients to cast the spells.

That’s all right now, i hope you like it!!

EDIT: images posted from a link instead of storaging them in the forums

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:open_mouth: that table is great! Keep up the good work :thumbsup: . If you or anyone else have a request just reply or massage me :D.


Even with my exams, i have some time to make some staffs and some other things, here are my last creations.

First, a tribute to one of my favourites PC games!! Starcraft!!:



The race i think it’s the best it’s protoss just to let you know :p, also, here there are the original logos used to create the wands:

image image image

Here i’ve made some magical staffs for the future wizards:


One it’s a wand for better fire spells, i didn’t wanted to make the typical staf with a huge flame on top, like a big torch. The other can be a staff for a necromancer; i wanted to make a skull really scary… but i think that the voxel style makes it really cute.

The bindings in the fire staff are supposed to be obsidian, and the wood it’s mahogany. The necromancer staff it’s supposse to have a ton of bone things.

the rendered one seems buggy, i’ll replace tomorrow probably

BTW, people prefer the turntable gifs or the normal fotos??? I ask because i know that maybe somethings are interesting to see from all the possible angles.

And… to finish today it’s maybe the first big building i’ve made, take into consideration that i’m not a pro creator, and it’s the first version, and probably it won’t be the definitive one but… here’s a preview of the Tier one house for our small wizards!!!:



It’s not at real size so the guys doesn’t fit in this model, but every time i make a cube with 100x100x100 voxels my PC dies haha, i’m not using a very powerful PC now, but it’s ok to create qubicle stuff.

My idea for the Tier 1, is to create a typical wooden hut that the wizards have in the middle of the forest, it’s not very impressive, but it’s easy to creaft with the tier 1 materials (wood), and it allows the wizard to store his potions, and scrolls and books and other stuff inside without too much worries. Also, the purple color rooting the house it’s RAW magic that flickers inside the building, i’ve picked purple color using the Discworld’s description for magic (I love those books) as a disappointing greenish-yellowish purple.

What you see in the back it’s a hidden door (yes, i have to work on the colours) so he can escape from anything dangerous created inside the house quick and in a mysterious way (at Tier 1 our wizard doesn’t know much more magic, so he uses some tricks)

Also, the lamp at the top or the rear of the back, it’s the first item that will allow the player to see how much RAW magic it’s around… if it’s getting dangerous levels, it will change the color as the danger increases.

Right now this is everything, i still have more stored, but i can’t render them right now, because i’m writing from another PC.

Hope you like them!!


first, excellent staff models… :wink:

second, i believe one of the main problems we’re experiencing on discourse are the hosted images… @sdee has requested that we start linking to hosted images…

Ty!! i’m adding more content!! i know what @sdee said that’s why It’s taking me more time because i’m uploading all the images and gifs to another webs;

I’m using… is it good?? do you recommend me another one better??

doh! apologies, i didnt even realize you’re images were hosted elsewhere… that should work just fine… :slight_smile:

Ok, here’s the new addition: Grimoires (also known as spellbooks):

image image

I’ve place a scroll too, and a common book, so you can see the size; Even if you thik they are too big, it has a lot of advantadges!:

  1. we can see easily where’s our wizard just looking for a guy with a book in our sreen
  2. it’s easy for the wizard to read so he doesn’t have to wear glasses
  3. i like how they result, and when they cast a powerful spell, there can be an animation of the book floating in front of the wizard while we see how the pages move very quickly.

And here’s the book in another positions, and floating!



These are the first ones made; just some leather and some paper, nothing unusual or hard to craft, But i’ve already been modeling aother spellbooks much more expensive:


These are made with a blue velvet cover and silver reinforcements (anyone knows a good code color for silver??),for the papaer… well, i don’t think the wizard needs another special paper to write.

And to finish, this super luxury one:

This one it’s made in red velvet with a gold locket, saphire and emeralds inlay and reinforcements in Octarine.

There’s a ruby also that creates a spell with the form of an eye, to watch that nobody else touches that book. It’s also much more safer because if the spellbooks start to store huge amounts of spells, that means huge amounts of power, and maybe the book scapes from your hands and starts to do horrible things. The locket helps preventing this kind of situations just like a muzzle for dogs.

Hope you like this designs!!