New Class: Wizards


WIzards are a unique class. They can be used in combat, as they will use magic and spells againsts your foe, they can be used to help the settlers, or they can be used to manipulate the enviorment around them, just like the Magma-Smith and the Geomancer classes. :smile: :smiley:


As far as I know it sounds like there will be a magic class in the game, and more than likely some sort of wizard class.

They haven’t revealed how magic will be integrated in the game (although the feeling is it will be something rare and powerful) I think this sort of thing will definitely be a case of wait and see!


Indeed, if they don’t add this class, i’ve in mind a qhole mod with tons of systems/spells and other things that wil be amazing!! I don’t have all the details, but as soon as the beta it’s released, i’ll start to work on it :D.
Even if they add wizards as a class, i still have a ton of ideas for my mod.


if i were a betting man, which i am… i’d say this was an initial mockup for a wizard/mage/magic-y guy…


I agree with SteveAdamo that is probably the iniital mock-up of the wizard / mage (though i am not a betting man) :smile:


I’m guessing that making the tool that will turn a person into a magic-wielder would be quite rare, or would require something rare to make, or something only available to very high level crafters.


Personally, I think the mage might have to be exposed to some source of magic to say, power-up faster. They still would level-up normally (slowly?) , but they get a boost from stuff like altars or something.


Hmm…Wonder if that’s a female mage, or like, an apprentice. I’m not seeing a beard, and as I see it, senior fully developed Male wizards, they have beards.


my take as well… if the intention is to make magic a rare and unique experience, the tools, materials and steps necessary to craft the instrument to transform a unit into a mage will be equally rare and unique…



I was thinking the same thing.


Sure, that sounds reasonable. Be a good reason to go poking around for monsters and stuff. You’d have to balance the risk of say, fighting a dragon against the possible reward of getting a Dragon Heart, or Liver or whatever.

Maybe some rare animals would incur the wrath of the gods if you over hunted them or messed with them at all.

I’m thinking things like White Stags and such.

Maybe just over hunting Owls would make Athena or the Athena analog angry for instance.


for some of the pacifists among the crowd, having traveling merchants offer some extremely rare, and pricey artifacts or ingredients, would provide another means of acquiring the necessary items…


Uh-huh. True dat…



I can dig that too. One of the goals is having a lot of different ways to deal with a problem. If people will forgive the expression, there is more than one way to skin a cat. (Or for our purposes, maybe you can find an alternative to skinning the cat at all. I quite like cats myself and would be loathe to harm one myself.)


precisely… :smiley:

nothing helps draw a player in, and in fact add to the longevity of a game, like giving the player options…


Yeah! that’s the aproach i’ll take when i create the mod, half of the mod will be alternative ways to do the same stuff that you can do with workers like: building, harvesting raw materials, transforming some materials into others and in general interactng with the other jobs.

And the other half of my mod will be just pure magical and cool stuff… here’s a hint: re-annual plants: These are a specific plant that can be harvested in places with a high magic density, and it has the particular property that it fully grows in the present (just when you plan them) but… you have to place the seeds in the future… yeah, time vortix and paradoxes!!! if you don’t seed them in the future, automatically some of your workers can die because he dies of starving in the past because the food doesn’t exist…

Of course, those high density magical fields are not easy to create and they will create a ton of problems for your villagers…(mutations! frog storms!) but those wil have some benefits, if you can control it…
And yes, it’s purely based on Terry preatchet books, i LOVE those books :smiley:


And nearly impossible to code, alternatively just have the planting put in as an automatic super high priority and don’t worry about having to calculate the effects of not having the food after the food has been used, just killing people sounds like a cheat and calculating what would’ve happened without the food is much more interesting. Discworld style wizards could be interesting to have as well what with some of their attributes.


Wizards would be cool, and not necessarily overpowered. i think a wizard job tree would be cool, with a different kinds of mages with specializations. some examples:
Wizards for combat (probably high level character)
Shamans to improve farming / breeding or alter the weather (medium level character)
Enchanters to enchant armor weapons and maybe even tools (medium level character)

Mages don’t have to be overpowered as long as they can only do a few specific things. Mages would be awesome as long as a low level mage will be about as useful as a farmer.



I couldn’t agree more, It would be a great benefit to building your empire, and I am Wizard.

-Wizard Max-


Yeah, there is clearly an intention for a broad range of specialized magic using classes across the board in the base game, but that’s the beauty of modding: You can change things.

So instead of an elementalist and a magma smith and a wizard and who knows how many other high level dudes that can do magic, you have the Arch Mage or Grand Mage or whatever, and his eventual apprentices maybe.

The idea of rarer magic and possibly it being potentially powerful, but low key initially makes me think of Conan the Barbarian and Swords and Sorcery, actually. Maybe in that kind of mod, the costs for increasingly powerful magic…

Well they might not be exactly family friendly. Or entirely pleasant sacrifices (literally mind you in some cases) on your part. But hey, if you wanted a direct way to battle or placate or even control titans or maybe small titan type creatures, that would be the way under that kind of paradigm. Roll out the sacrifices, hope they like it.

Your Wizard might also eventually just generally be sort of demanding to the point of looking suspiciously like the actual ruler of your settlement rather than the supposed rulers. And given the concept of “consequences” for certain actions, if it’s swords and sorcery, he might attract adorable little Barbarians and Adventurers in general seeking to cut off his adorable little head and generally destroy the “evil” wizard. Oh, and rob you too. Can’t have a generic Conan type without randomly killing or beating up some of your guards and stealing your shinies.(And he or she might actually be kind of evil too. Especially if you squeezed the trigger on doing Bad Stuff as supernatural payment.)

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