(WIP) The Arcane Expansion: Wizards n' Stuff

#The Arcane Expansion: Wizards n’ Stuff

super early development pic

normally i don’t do WIP threads for my mods, but being that wizards are a pretty “big” thing, i wanted to let people know that i’m working on implementing them… i don’t know when the mod will be complete, but i plan on giving semi-regular updates on the mods progress.

What to expect from The Arcane Expansion:

as the title suggests, there will be wizards, so far i have 3 types planned: the Earth Wizard, the Ice Wizard, and the Fire wizard, i’ll give more info about those guys in a later update.

i also plan to add a new crafter class, this class will make all sorts of magical stuff, including armor, weapons, decoration and more!

and if the basic wizard/crafter stuff goes well, perhaps i’ll even delve into the realm of beasts

i’m tired and not sure what else to add to this thread, at the moment, so… off to wizard making i go! if you have any questions, just ask!

oh, i guess i should say that the “wizard” in the picture is a cleric, i just changed the .qb’s


Super neat. I’ll have to use this when you get a release up! Nice job!

gosh dang it gotta work faster

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I’m not so sertain if it’ll be easy to make projectiles for them, but guess we can have ways

If you need help in animating, i’ll be glad to help!

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It probably wouldnt be too hard, I assume. I haven’t looked at the code myself, but it seems it won’t be too difficult to at least replace the arrow model with, say, a ball of fire or chunk of earth, and the drawback animation with a casting one.

thanks guys :smile:

i’m not certain either… but i guess we’ll find out when i get to that part :wink:

though i don’t need help with them yet, i definitely will be needing help with animations later on, so thank you for offering :slight_smile:

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I love his hat! Yay Crab!


Great idea, and mod. Please change your tag to magical support crab :frowning:

Maybe add the same mechanics used for the archer?
EDIT: sorry for making 2 replies :confused:

thanks, it was fun to model :smile:

thanks :slight_smile:

haha, i think i’ll stick with being a senior support crab for now…maybe someday i’ll become magical, but that days is not this day :stuck_out_tongue:

thats fine, though next time try and remember to edit your first reply :slight_smile:

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water wizard for making swimming pools :slight_smile:


Epic looking expansion! I can’t wait to try it out!!

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I’m looking forward to this one, too!
And when will it be done? That’s easy.
“A wizard is never late. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.”


Any updates on this :clap:

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give the man some time :slight_smile: it must be a massive project :slight_smile:


hopefully i’ll be able to give an update later to day, even if nothing on the mod progress, i’m hoping to give a bit more info about the wizards.

indeed it is! but so far so good. :slight_smile:


i’m posting this update waaaay later than i originally planned, but at least i got it posted, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

the Earth Acolyte:

Wearing a simple hood, the Earth Acolyte is the first wizard you’ll have, they are pretty equal in damage and defense/armor.

the Fire Wizard:

Donning a “classic” wizard hat, the fire wizard deals high amounts of lingering damage, at the cost of having very little defense.

the Ice Mage:

the ice mage wears a “crown” rather than hat, they use blizzards to slow down and damage their enemy’s. though they deal less damage than the other wizards, the ice mage has higher defense and makes for an excellent support class.

i wanted to have pics of all of them in-game, sadly things didn’t work out for that
(and i didn’t feel like doing the hacky way i did with the super early development pic)

mod progress:
so, as can be seen by the pics, i’ve completed all of the models for the wizards. i’ve also finished the outfit/workbench for the Arcane Researcher. i’ve worked on a very small amount of the code, but hopefully i’ll have a playable version done by the end of the week.
(by “playable” i just mean wizards working in-game, not necessarily having a release out to you guys)

In my eyes I see rayya’s children as being more of a magic oriented kingdom, as such, the earth talisman will be made by the potter. The Arcane Researcher’s talisman will also be made by the potter. the other two wizard talismans will be made by the arcane researcher.

alright that’s it for now… while writing this i discovered just how bad i am at describing/explaining stuff… so updates might be very infrequent, at least until i get stuff working in-game.


Quite the undertaking, I wish you all the best and coffee you can find.


your modelling style is fantastic and I’m totally jealous of it :heart_eyes:

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i hope your not going completely avatar on this?

i honestly know nothing about avatar, so for all i know i could be :sweat_smile:

mind telling me in what way i’m “going avatar” ?