[WIP Mod] Basic New Faction! :D

This WIP mod will be worked on for a while, it will be a mod for you to have a new faction. The reason im putting it here without anything done yet is that i want you guys to pick out a few things you may want to see, also im not very good so ill be needing help finding bugs to fix and possibly how to fix them :stuck_out_tongue: Tags: Faction Characters Work in progress Needs testers EDIT: Also, this is my second topic :smiley: so expect me to attempt my best to forum stuffs

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Im up to help with this :smiley:

I’m not very skilled whatsoever at any type of modding, but this will be my attempt to do this. Im using stonevox (i think its called) to design and blender to animate EDIT: an idea of what im gonna do is probably making something like rock people since im trying to push myself in the right direction by using Rayyayayayayayy’s children (<-- is a joke) as a starter thingy

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Sounds cool, I can help with testing and such. Do you have any concept sketches or models yet?

I actually just made one, but its not close to anything resembling a creature :stuck_out_tongue: (remember, ive never modeled anything before)

(Extra) Those hands on the side are elemental controllers, these creatures use those to form a rock to build and do things for them (Hands basically, or arms)

ive made some improvements to the model, but i need some examples to increase details on the hands, ill attempt to make the hands more… earthly? :}P (he has a mustache, dont ask why) EDIT: heres the BASIC model for the hand (magical since elemental controllers) It looks like this since the monster thingy itself uses magic to use its hand, and wont be connected directly, but with magic

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It’s kinda hard to tell what it looks like from that picture, but I think that the brownish color looks more earthy than the grey color in the previous post. =]

I also made the elemental itself a bit more earthy, but i think it needs a bit more added to it, the hand is a made of dirt and mud infused with magic to be held and moved, the cube at the front is for precise crafting and the back hold most of the magic coming out of the elemental

I may not work on this for a while until my other Orc/goblin race is made, and finished for the most part