Creatures of the mist mod

I have been following Stonehearth for a little while now and found the game very interesting especially the ability to easily mod the game as I have always been interested in programming. So I decided to come up with my own mod, called creatures of the mist, which focuses around adding more mythical creatures to the game to just add a bit more variety. However I’m not the most creative person so i thought I would give a preview of the first creature I have created to get some feedback so, I present to you “Movendo mons” the walking mountain.

So tell me what you think any criticisms or recommendations are welcome with the aim of improving it.


He’s quite a cool fellow! Just a quick tip, if you use such saturated colours, he will essentially glow in Stonehearth. Unless you really want to make something shine or pop, move the colours away from the top right corner of the colour palette. It’s particularly your water and the vines around his body.

However that’s a really cool start! :smile:

@The_M a warm welcome to the Holy Circle of Qubicle Addicts. Again a nice looking first model. Could you share some background information on the sizing of this creature? I see trees and a small lake on the shoulders. Would this be a titan, so the trees could be 1:1 the size you see them in the game?

welcome aboard @The_M! :smile:

as a first attempt, i am quite impressed!

my only criticism (and this is from someone with little in the way of qubicle skills), is that the stone body needs to have some diversity… some varying types of rocks, ores, etc., just to give it some more depth…

keep it up! :+1:

Was anyone else thinking about the creatures from the Stephen king short story “The Mist” or the movie about the book when they read that title? they would make for some seriously wicked models… but i digress

That model is awesome keep up the good work, definitely one good looking titan (Just assuming it is a titan). Definately agree with what @SteveAdamo said about the need for ores or other rock/minerals, that will totally give it more “life”

@Smokestacks Thanks that’s a useful tip and will keep it in mind when improving this model and choosing colours for future models.

@voxel_pirate Thanks for the welcome and yes I forgot to mention that this would be a titan and likely the trees would be on a 1:1 scale with normal trees within stonehearth.

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I think its an excellent first titan! Is that a cave I see on the back side? Might have to add a small nest and animate a bird flying in and out :smiley:

As a suggestion, what would you think of changing the trees to the ones found in stonehearth? It might look a bit more “in-place” with the regular landscape (I think the link to the tree model is here: Unofficial Model- and Template-Files for Qubicle).

Overall I really like it, keep up the submissions!

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I’m back with the new and improved “Movendo Mons” the titan as well as my second creation for this mod.

To improve this creation I made the changes people recommended, as well as a few of my own, which I feel gives it more life and make it less flat. I have also added a background to the image to give some idea of scale.

Now on to my second creation the Cyclops this would not be a titan like the first one but would be a bit larger than your average worker in Stonehearth. Armed with a club and not the smartest of creatures around, they roam through the forests on their own, waiting to snatch up any unsuspecting rabbit, sheep or even the local farmer.

Once again any criticisms and recommendations are welcome.


awesome that titan looks much better with those subtle improvements, that cyclops is looking good, i keep feeling like something is missing, but i can’t put my finger on what it is sorry. maybe a hint of his mouth. The bottom of the club feels like it should be darker, but i guess that’s a shadows thing that would be changed later?

anyway its all looking good :smiley:

Yes I had the same feeling when I finished working on the cyclops, I don’t want him to have a plain all in one colour face but at the same time I don’t want to add random colour or make it look like he has a mouth as this wouldn’t fit with the style of stonehearth. Will probably come back to him later once I finish up on my next 2 creations.

sounds like a plan, can’t wait too see the next creations !!

Here is a look at the new Cyclops after some minor changes though I am still not 100% happy about how he looks, as well as a look at my 2 new creations.

Next up is the Minotaur, this creature will likely be of a similar size to the Cyclops and also like the Cyclops would also be a solitary creature.

Finally, a group of wild men who will be waiting in the bushes to steal your gold, just 3 for now though I plan on making more to ensure there is variety in the groups when they attack.

I plan on making just 2 more creatures for this particular mod for now and then its on to animating them which brings me on to my next question, can anyone suggest what would be an ideal piece of software to do this in?


For animation, the devs use 3ds Max. But they’ve made sure that Blender will work just fine. I’m not sure I know of any animators on the forum who don’t use Blender. Blender’s definitely the tool you want, 3ds Max costs money and Blender will do you just as good.

However, in order to export, you need the home edition of Qubicle. I don’t know if you have it, but without it you can’t animate because you can’t export your models. Just something to bear in mind.

As for the new models, I like them a lot, but in particular the rogues. They kind of look like @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 in their more youthful and perhaps slightly more mischievous days. :smile:

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Nice job so far! Can’t wait to play the mod when stonehearth comes out!

he looks much better, but im still not sure on the “shading” around his horn…

ooo, i like this guy… very impressive! i think his feet/hooves need to be a bit beefier to support that head and frame though… :smile:

yeah… i can see that… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Really? How hard are you squinting…?

@The_M I would just like to say I love this sort of thing, especially the ‘walking mountain’ they’re both adorable and potentially deadly all in one, what’s not to love?

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I’d agree with @Smokestacks about using blender. You should see this thread here about importing and animation: thread link here. It is how I learned how to do it.

Edit: fixed link.

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At last here are the final 2 creations that will be a part of this mod. First of all I present to you the Warg a nasty beast that would not be an ideal house pet.

Next, something a little less threatening, the gnome the only passive creature so far.

I have also made some small changes to the previous creatures, though they aren’t worth showing as they are very minor little things such as colour shades and body proportions. though once again I am open to any suggestions to improve these 2.

Now though I have got hold of blender and the home edition of Qubicle so I’m gonna start animating. I have also had some thoughts on the future of this mod/mods and how they will work which I will explain at a later date.


So I’m back with some changes to the mod first of all I have had to make an adjustment, the cyclops I created is now gone due to the fact that a cyclops is already in the game and this mod is about adding new mobs. Somehow I managed to miss this when watching the kickstarter video, its at around 2:41 in the video. So the cyclops is gone and his replacement is the equally terrifying Jack O lantern seen here.

He isn’t quite done yet as I want to add more colour variation so he has more texture and he is looking a bit flat in parts so I will fix that to. The wild men have also been scrapped as I didn’t like them and they were a bit too generic. They have been replaced by the forest druid seen here.

Again the druid isn’t quite done yet but he’s getting there.

I have also finally begun work on the animations nothing complex so far just a few idle animations and playing around trying to get things right once I get some more complex stuff done like running and walking animations I will post them to Youtube so I can get some feedback on them. I may also post some renders of the different creatures in landscapes similar to Stonehearth to give an idea of what they will look like in game.


Question would you really consider adding were-cows?
and Also Amazing models here my friend the only thing I can say that could improve the druid would be make Him less Pointy Keep it Up!! God bless ya! :smile: