New monsters and mobs

This topic isn’t as about a particular mod as much as a place for me to post ideas and progress pics while I work on a variety of mods.

To kick things off, I was fighting this cute little buddy:

…and I thought with a little tweaking, a coat of paint, and maybe some transparency (if that’s possible) he would make a pretty great ghost. So that’s what I’m trying to figure out how to add. I thought it could be a cool addition to the pheonix empire crypt camp spawns, or maybe as part of a zombie/skeleton/necro invasion. Getting a little tired of fighting goblins/ogres/kobolds/orcs everytime.

Anyway, this is as far as I’ve gotten:


See-through-Ness should be doable, just like water uses it :slight_smile:
Check out one of those fountains and material maps (I use if for see through wine)

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Thank you. I’ll be sure to check that out once I’m a little more informed on how to import assets. I’m assuming that will be something that needs done outside of Qubicle.

For now, I’m just working on learning voxel art. I think a cool monster type to add more variety would be Dryads so I did a quick pass on a couple of ideas:

I think they could fill all of the different combat roles and it would be cool to have them start spawning alongside the entlings at later levels. Of course they would be more intimidating with some armor and cute weapons made of plant materials.

I guess that cactus versions would be better for the desert biome.


Dryads would be great as a cleric alternative for entlings (possibly stonelings too? depends on how much the “nature” enemies play together – are they motivated by the same force, or is the forest spirit separate from the spirit of the stone/mountains?) Entlings aren’t a threat at all once you have a cleric of your own, but if they can heal then suddenly they’re a serious risk of getting swarmed and pinned down.

If you wanted to go really advanced, you could play off the Rabbit campaign and introduce dryads/the forest faction as another “mini-kingdom” like the Rabbits and Orcs – the player probably first meets them after cutting too many trees (although it would be good to have a secondary trigger such as a herbalist reaching level 3, in case some players don’t cut the requisite number to trigger the first event), and based on their choices the player will either trigger a fight or a trading opportunity (again like with the rabbits – “give us _____ and we’ll give you ____” sort of events), after either enough trust or enough bloodshed the dryads will seek parlay so that both groups can live together happily ever after. A really cool challenge to obtain the alliance might be that the Dryads give you a seed for a “home tree”, it turns out they wanted to grow a new one nearby but one of the other enemies has been preventing this. If you’re able to defend the tree while it grows, at the end it works like the Rabbit and Orc friendship monuments, allowing dryads to join your town. Since it looks like your Dryads will be mostly re-skinned hearthlings to begin with, this shouldn’t be as difficult as it might first appear – just copy from the Rabbits or Orcs, animations will be a snap since they already use the hearthling rig so they can use existing hearthling animations; and for outfits just change the colour/layout of their leaves or add some flowers to denote job. Suitable jobs might be farmer, herbalist and cleric; and you can play with their stats (e.g. higher Spirit and Body but lower Mind, so they’re great/naturally talented at those jobs but learn slowly.)

More sorts of interaction between monsters, and more variety appearing at lower levels to “smooth out” the jump between goblins and orcs, would be great to see!

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I was actually making progress on a cleric last night:

This game has plenty of green already, so I'm starting to move think about flower and tree palettes.

@YetiChow I really like your ideas and I wish I were talented enough to pull any of that off, but I’m very new to this. If I were that competent, I would fix the Rabbits and Orcs first because they can’t do many jobs or even the few they are supposed to.

My rough plan is to make a Footman, Archer, Knight, and Cleric. I’d also like to do at least two versions of each along with a variety of equipment.

If I can manage to get those integrated and have them do invasions alongside the entlings, I’ll try to make their weapons lootable (armor is grown onto the body).

If people really want Dryads in their settlement, I think the seed idea would be cool where you plant your own Dryads. I suppose you could get the equipment through seeds too. I’m not sure if they would really be cool with being farmers, but they would make pretty amazing beekeepers.


Okay I lied. Turniphead said he would be a farmer, but he’s going to kiss all the fruits and veggies. He’s a super weird guy.

I did a first pass on a Dryad knight.

...and made a flower petal sword and shield.

Don't ask me how that would be an effective weapon, because I will just say magic. I guess I should probably go read the modding guide and try to get some of this in game before I get to many models backed up.


Revenge of the NomNom Plant!


Little more work an archer and cleric