Status on the -TMC- Mod [Wall of Text]

Hi There!
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I’m a bit concerned if that category is right
But i suppose it’s not Too wrong

I’m here to give you guys a slight status update on the Mythical Creatures Mod.
I decided to make a separate post so i don’t cause confusion so no-one thinks the mods is back already

The Story is comming out pretty well, and though i did’t get to approving it, it isn’t that shabby.

There’s this One thing that’s really bugging me and the story and though i could just go with it, i decided to tackle it a bit more before i get to anything,
So i’m estimating the mod to start again within the first quarter of the second month (February)

One interesting thing is though; the story for the mod was resuced to almost 1/3 of the original, but the content that i managed to ‘figure out’ with it has more than quadrupled.
This really proves that having a detailed story will almost certainly help you come up with more content that with a rushed up one.
Well, it was obvious, but i didn’t expect it to be This big of a difference.

Also some small things that due to the sotry being altered, some of the entities i’v build might need some more accurate models, one noticable one being the Harpy (also the Dryad needs a uniqe animation now)

I’m also considering Renaming the Mod.

‘The Mythical Creatures’ isn’t too far fetched, but it’s really a massive story expantion Mod and the titled doesn’t really suggest that, i considered taking suggestions, but i’ll probably have to spoil the story if i want to take any, so for now, just know that the name is going to change

And lastly, we need more people to help us in order to truely ‘complete’ this Mod
I’ll probably do most of the design in visuals like Models, UI elements, Animations and such, we have @Drotten for our coding (though more help is certainly welcomed, but we still need a Sound Designer for sound-effects (like Magic and impact sounds and much more)

I’m not asking for a professional sound designer nor am i wishing for someone that can make something ASAP (i guess that’s a professional though)

We just looking for someone that just knows how this works (probably has a good enough mice), and s willing to use a little bit of spare time for this mod
You don’t have to commit to it, i could just contact you once in a while and you could decide to help me or not (i’m just looking for someone that ‘can do it’)

This isn’t like… ‘Super essential’; i could just go on some sort of scavenge hunt for audio files in the internet, but it would really help to have someone to help us outon such things


Sorry for the long boring wall of text

I’m actually considering making some sort of video or audio message so i can be more expressive and quick instead of thees boring texts

Anyways, thanks if you read this so far (i’m actually impessed)

And i’ll see you later

Symbol Out!


Cant wait for the Release :wink: Nice Wall of Text xD


Probably the titles cliche “legend”, “history”, “world”

but i think this is one of the most wanted mods ever, so good luck and don’t mind the wall of text.