The Mythical Creatures Mod =Ceased Development=

HI there
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as you can see in the title, this mod is no longer in development for the forseeable futue



Yes! finally! after all those missed promises, We finally have the Mod!!

We have Stuff!
Lots of Stuff! (okay it’s not a ton of stuff)

as some of you know @Drotten and i worked on this mod for a while and we are proud to present you the very first version of it

this updates name will be… ‘Forest’ i think (even though we have a Harpy which isn’t a Forest Type)

we have some stuff that we didn’t show you before, and i can assure you, you can find them with ease if you just be a little observant (by the way, there is no insect in the mod yet)

Anyways, now we have some decent grasp on modding this whole thing, and i’m guessing that’ll be enough to boost new releases.

We have two quests given by te Dryad so-far

And one is where you have to save her from a goblin attack! (I’ll spare the other)

we’ll have some small updates as well that contain small additions or bug fixes

this is still a small Mod, but i have great plans for it, and i’ll try to make it happen


edit : we have a Trello Road map [HERE] so you can vote stuff that you might want, or comment on things you want… things


Symbol Out!

[edit : Drotten has found a small bug, the mod will be changed to alpha-1.01 and this will contain the bug fix)


Nice! You finally made it!

I hope I can try this out next week, that golem looks menacing!


Congrats on getting this out there, lot of work in the making. :slight_smile:


Minor Update!

Drotten set so the Dryad won’t spawn in Peaceful since the Dryad will spawn quests involving combat

we are planning on some quests that don’t involve combat for the Dryad and such so there’s more of a reason to have the mod with peaceful

though there is a mall thing you might want the mod for in peaceful, but it’s a small thing at the moment


If you need a hand with anything, let me know and I will do my best to assist you.


Hi there!
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Alpha 1.10!

we now have a Splash screen that’s made for the Mod!

the Splash screen/Title screen will now look somewhat like this

(made by the hands of Symbol…?)

i’ll be making new images for the mod as we update it through Alpha and Alpha

i wanted the image to serve as some sort of reminder that the mod is active
though i want to have a toggle button so users can turn on and off the Mod title screen if he/she wanted (and i should probably have a version indicator)

Symbol out!


What has changed in the new update?

Bro! That’s awesome! Congrats on these accomplishments. This mod looks awesome!


Not much, the latest update only changes the title’s splash screen.

But such a splash deserves its own update! :smile:


Okay, since @krbrowning asked of this, think i should clarify on how the numbers of the mod work

1.00 works as a big update containing a new faction or concept.

0.10 work as a small update that has ‘actual content’ that has a appearance in the mod in some way like adding a set of armor or a single mob or a image like above, though very little content will be spared as 0.01 for space

0.01 work as a minor update, mostly effecting the code rather then content, such as bug fixes and code reworks and such
Snd also small content like a image for a item or an iconic version that was missing and so on


A higher update will reset the number of the lower scale

I don’t imagine a mod having enough small updates to get to 0.90 and be like “what the hell do i do now” (i can do a 0.A0 if i dear to)


Looks awesome, love the little dryad! Keep up the great work! :thumbsup:


You can always claim you’re using hex counting, it might make you sound smart. :smiley:


Error on dryad death


Thanks for reporting it! I noticed now that there are more bugs tied in with the dryad death, even when there shouldn’t be one…

Anyway, I’m working on a fix. In the meantime; don’t let the dryad die. :wink:
She’s too cute to die!


I installed this mod and no errors :slight_smile: but i can’t change a worker to Dryad (hope this is the way to do it)

Wanna see this mighty golem with my own eyes :grinning:

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I’m afraid that you can’t really get the Dryad yourself, she (and the golems) spawn up as a separate faction.

All you need is around 500 net worth and then wait a moment, after that they should pop up.


A Bug Fix!

Drotten fixed the Dryad’s death bug a few days ago (and for some reason i didn’t upload it for this time…)

i don’t really know the details of the fix, but i guess it isn’t ‘that’ important


Teasers!, Teasers!!

yes i have been working on the next release recently and this will pretty much show you what to expect in the next release!

(sorry about the scythe being stationary, i forgot to make it parent the main-hand bone before render)
(the actual animation will have the weapon moving, don’t worry)

we want a bit more combat in the mod (a challenging one, at-least)

so we needed a ambient threat; so we came up with this

this’ll be a pain to animate, so pleas; be patient.

Symbol Out!


that is crazy cool that monster is amazing

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Nice looking monster! animation looking good too! Can’t wait for it to be ingame :smile:

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