The Mythical Creatures Mod =Ceased Development=


Looks good. :scream:


#how did i miss this thread :scream: :scream_cat:

this is an amazing looking mod! i will definitely be keeping up to date with it.


this mod is fantasic and the creatures are amazing, but my problem is when i finished the first mission from the dryad there ist the next quest instant and my people are dying one after another because the quests aren’t ending and therefore after the fourth quest all my good peaple are gone. :grin:


Thanks for the report @Sebastian4948 !
(And the conplement)

I’m pretty sure we have a timer to make the quest spawn after a few days or so to prevent such things from happening.

did you try re-downloading the mod?

If you downloaded the mod a while ago, it might be old and might have bugs (or maybe the download was unstable)

I’m sure @Drotten will look into this problem soon. (After all, he’s the cody person)


Thanks for the fast answer :thumbsup:
but I downloaded from the last link after the dryad-death-error-update so I doubt that it is the wrong version but iam looking forward to seeing more of this mod and I hope it will be fixed (dont pressure your self) :smile:


Whoops! I had it temporarily set to activate 1 hour ingame in between each quest to test it out, it seems I managed to forget to reset the timer to how it’s supposed to be.

But yeah It’s fixed now. Just wait for @Hyrule_Symbol to upload the new version.


but i think maby its better to increase the amount of time between the quests, so that the people can have a rest. :smile:


Yup, it’s set to 2 days in between each quest now, so you’ll have plenty of rest.


Is the bux fix actually included in the current download? And yes i think 2 days i enought time :smile:


Not quite yet, I think we can expect it to be uploaded by tomorrow at least.


Iam looking forward to test it and thanks for your efforts :thumbsup:


Looks amazing but the scythe seems a little short, perhaps you could increase the length from the bottom?

Other than that minor detail, it is awesome. I can’t wait to see this in-game. I have a friend who has a phobia of spiders and I can’t wait to show him this…


A Bug fix!

now the Dryad’s quests will spawn with a 2 day or so delay between them

i wonder how nobody notices such a thing so far…


Status update!


Hi There!

Symbol Here


So updates and such has been a bit… short (but i suppose this is kinda common from me at this point)

I was a bit busy for a while and did pretty much nothing in the mod myself,
witch is also kind of a stress for me since this is one of the few projects that i actually want to finish.

But!, i’m a bit more free now and i’m trying to regain some momentum in the animations and such

Stress from many sources (mainly my own thoughts and worries) has been getting me a bit down for the past couple of weeks, i suppose i’m just a bit worried with my future considering my ‘unusual’ dream and people around it.

feeling a little better lately; but if it lingers around for too long, i’ll surly go to a therapist or something, so don’t worry about me too much (not caring about much things myself helps me seek help when i need it)


So cutting that out, lets talk about the mod.

the spiders and Arachne anims are about half done(i think i said this somewhere, but whatever)
and trust me, the making animations for a 8-legged creature is hard work.

I’v manage to get some ideas to make Arachne work in the current stage; by removing some bones that are a bit more unnoticeable even when missing by merging them with others that behave similarly (like some of the fingers and the shoulders)

we will put them back when we can get all 64 Matrices in, but for now; that’ll have to do

the spiders took a little rework here and there(in anims), but now they move smooth and stuff


Now, Since i made you all wait for so long even until this status update

I don’t really know why? but i want to make something along with the spiders, maybe to add more variety to what i make so i don’t get bored animating spider legs all the time.

So while i’m at it, i thought it’ll be a good idea to ask you guys what you want to see in the next update of the mod.

yeah, it’s more work to do for me, but not getting bored surely will make the process faster than not doing it

i want some Creatures/Animals/Monsters that are from a legend or mythology or something,
or even real animals that look cool or is cool

it can really be anything, a enemy/ a pet/ livestock/ a…(is there really anything more?)


Reply with a name of a Mob That you’d like to see in the mod whatever it may be (even humanoid form)



I know it’s been a while and i’v been really slow on the mod work,

And i know i said this a lot of times, but i really do want to finish this mod even though it is in a really slow pace



okay then, i guess that’s all for now.

again, do let me know if you have a mob that you might want to see in the mod

(the spider Minion attack in Progress, i’ll have to tweak him here and there and get the other half working)

unneeded camera shake! WwWooOOOoooOOO

that was probably quite a waste of time rendering him


Yes! you’ll probably have to wait a long time until i get thing up to snuff, but at-least you know i’m working on it.



Symbol Out!



I downloaded the mod when i already had a normal stonehearth game started.
Can i continue that game or should is start a new one to see the Dryad?


Hmm… I honestly don’t know.

Try loading the existing save and if a giant tree doesn’t appear within a day, you’ll have to make a new game

At the moment the quests are a bit too hard

The mod will be updated withing a day, so mybe wait until that


I m playing it now. I ll keep you posted if it shows up or not.

Fan of the creations btw!



Look for a giant tree within a game day, they won’t make a message when they appear but they will be pretty easy to spot


Three days are gone and now big tree :smile:
I ll start a new game :smile:


I just remembered that there’s bug with the Dryad at the moment, i suppose she works; but not in a pretty way, i’d suggest staying with the save for now(though i guess it wouldn’t get a Dryad after the fix)