[MOD] Why So Blue? - Discontinued

Why ‘Why so blue?’ The MOD name was chosen as a play on the fact that almost everything in the unmodded game is currently blue. It was funnier in my head.


Start the game with more resources to help push back your impending starvation!

Start the game with the option of two Advanced footmen, who utilise advanced weaponry and armour to help defend your homestead!

Farm additional crops and create a range of delicious dishes with the help of the cook class.

Place picket fences and gates to help protect your crops.

Utilise your stone reserves to create red and blue slate roofs.

Bored of Goblins? The fight Zombies instead! Everyone can build that Herschel’s farm they’ve always wanted!

Patented Anti Zerg Nerf Bat has been implemented. No longer will your town face an ending onslaught of enemies.

Create dyes from the local fauna, erm flora and use them to create furniture and decorations in a rainbow* of colours!

Other features:

Additional villagers to help you get started!
Faster growing berries because everyone loves berries!

*Not really a rainbows worth

Download here:


Discontinued and unsupported.


Version 2: Upcoming features - Release soon

Female Iron Armour
Iron Kite Shield
Iron Short Sword (Offhand)

Version 3:

“Fixes Combat”
Fixes silkweed/

Version 4:

Various tweaks including updates to icons and junipter tree fix, and some Zombies:

(Fully tested yet - concept model by @Tom reworked. 4 different heads available)

Version 5.

Version 5 is a complete rework of the picket fence models which means they can be added in game without them bugging out. They work as they should do, i.e, only allowing access via a gate.

The update also adds wood craftable versions of the iron weapons, and additional furniture.

And lastly, this version fixes the final issue that I was having with the zombie scenarios.

These blighters aren’t interested in your wood. They want your brains!!

It’s not much, but its home…

There is a small issue with the gates not registering as entities in the door_component.luac, so I have forced all the gates to open in one version, and closed in the other. With the gates closed your villagers will walk through them - it’s entirely up to you, gates closed looks tidier, but breaks immersion when villagers walk through the gates. I am hoping to fix this tomorrow.

Version 6.

Fixes to new game options and adds Blue and Red slate roofs. These are built with stone.
The version reverts back to the Stonehearth default enemies. Let me know if it needs tweaking.
Also added double doors and bay windows. Although I haven’t finished the double door animation yet.

Version 7:

The carpenter can now craft a wooden spoon.
Additional crops can be farmed - Carrots, Potato, Wheat.

Wooden Spoon can be used to create a Cook.
Cook can process wheat in order to create flour.

The cook can create food from ingredients

There is still a lot of work that I intend to do on this class, least of which is a stirring animation. I also need to tweak the growth rates.

Version 8:

Wind mills!

As always, the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: This MOD modifies some of the core radiant files. This MOD has been carefully tested to ensure compatibility with alpha version d1665. Using this MOD is entirely at your own risk and may cause stability issues when used with versions other than d1665.

You MUST create a new game when utilising this mod for the first time. DO NOT attempt to load and continue an old save that was not created using this mod!!!


as much as this will baffle @Geoffers747, I’m … I’m … speechless!

(for now)

takes a few deep breaths

@Froggy, you have once again provided something awesome for the community, except this time, it’s all wrapped up in a nice little package that we can ALL enjoy! :smile: :+1:

you big beautiful frog, you… :heart:


It’s taken me until now to stop hyperventilating at the pretty pretty colours.

If you’ll excuse me, I have some business I need to attend to.


Exaggerated reactions aside, this is actually really cool. Thank you for providing us with this great mod.


Sorry Sir Dwalus :stuck_out_tongue: @Steveadamo and I will go to the naughty corner again :frowning:

Will definitely be giving this a go in a bit @froggy and will post some lovely screenshots for you, any requests?


I have no idea what you’re referring to…

anyhoo… plenty of resources… off to a good start @Froggy! :smile:


I’d expect nothing less from my number one fan, in fact, i’d be offended! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the kind words guys. If you find any bugs then let me know. It was thoroughly tested before release with no errors on my machine though. Also please let me know if you think anything needs tweaking - like the sprinting footmen - too fast?

Big shout out to @RepeatPan. Jofferson is an amazing and helpful tool.


A lovely green village! :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know if you feel anything is missing

Meanwhile, version 2 is under development:

Included will be a unique female iron armour, as they are currently shared with the males.


That’s actually pretty realistic :wink: .

I know! But the females end up looking like umpa lumpas

Here are the new models that will be uploaded later:

Warning: Equipping armour can have dire consequences for skin pigmentation (At least until the devs implement the code)


Nice colors, I for sure would love to use something else than blue. I suppose the blue color of the standard and the furniture is to prepare for a multiplayer mode with the “blue” faction against “red” or “yellow” but in the peaceful mode I would happily welcome a little more color diversity.


Awww, somebody still uses my stuff. fetches Jofferson2 from its repository depths


Lovely colors :rainbow:. great work

I still use zzz and - and rp :smiley:

Updated original post with the version 2 features:

Once I have tested I will release :smile:


2-handed, Nice. :two_hearts:
My favorite is Tortoise dye? That’s disgusting! Oh…turquoise! :smile:

Anyway, just wanted to say this is huge improvement as I can now spawn in items with adjusting your lua.
Btw you can just keep it lua and refer to lua in your manifest as it is not compiled anyway. This way sublime text recognizes it as lua with obvious benefits. Just a minor thing.
Great work :thumbsup:


well… we had a good run FroggVille… you shall be avenged!


Maybe next time you’ll promote the second footman! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know, I know… I always forget to read the fine print! :blush:

This looks wonderful @Froggy. Do the Kite Shield, the advanced armor, and the off hand weapon actual make your footman better? Or are they just very pretty?

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Needs some testing, the offhand sword should make you more powerful in offense, however, it would appear that you cannot have 2 instances of the same buff applied to one character.
The shield should give you a second chance to parry enemy attacks…

Again, test please :smiley:

Version 2 is now available

Minor change to helmet to improve visuals. Not documented above