Pic Suggestion : Bakery System (Already Implements.)

This Topic is introducing Bakery system. Simply.

Need Classes : Farmer, Chef (New)
Need Resources : Wheat (New)
Need Structure : Windmill Component (New)

Untill now, We solved food provide by cookless foods.
I thing, the cook is indispensable part of settlement.
So I bring this topic.

The Chef.
He(She) will offer good meals for settlers.
To do that, we need a Chef’s ladle.
(It will crafted by carpenter.)

Unfamiliar Thing, the windmill component.
It will needed for build windmill at Design Custom building mode.
Naturally, a carpender will craft this.

Thanks read this & See you later.

This system was implemented by Froggy.

I’m sorry for same idea.


Definitely want to see something like this :smiley: .

(Also need more @Goldmetal pics :smiley: !)



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Froggy’s mod adds a cook and it works pretty well, give you a chance to see the cook in action :smile: and it has a windmill…


Love it! Nice diagrams! :smile:

I’d like to see windmills soon, but also other types of mills (e.g. with a water wheel, or driven by animals)

I also hope cooking has more of an impact on your game than it did in, say, Skyrim

Oops, Sorry. Sorry.
I didn’t see your mod.

That was amazing!
So, I add your topic address at this.


Your illustrations are amazing as always. An amazing talent

Great minds think a like…


I vouch for this!
I’d like to see this being implemented without the use of a mod.

The devs have stated in pervious streams and blogs that they are implementing this in the future. In the meanwhile, you’re welcome to try out my interpretation.


Hey @Froggy I know that you have created a chef in your mod and I had an idea. Something I have noticed is that the people just go over and grab food from the stockpiles, raw corn and turnips. Doesn’t really make sense to eat these things raw. What if the chef converted raw corn into corn on the cob or something like that. Corn and some flour and you get corn bread, etc. Just food for thought…

I get what you are saying, I really do… but in the case of my mod, I wanted the cook to be optional. If you don’t what to use the cook component, you don’t have to.

If you made all raw food ‘ingredients’ you would need a cook immediately, else you would starve.

What the cook does is combine the food ingredients to make more satisfying food that can serve more food servings than the individual components can.

I think calling it a chef is too high a title for such a beginner class. Maybe it could start as a Cook and then become a chef as it ranks up? Or maybe a baker class instead…

I love the idea of bread and pie and I’d love to share freshly baked berry pie.

But then you could’ve a problem; “Where are the berry bushes” :frowning:
That’s why I sat on the toilet and thought about a solution.

"The orchard"
a continously harvesting “Farm” like designated area for your farmers to gather apples and more.
Finally get rid of your berry bushes being in the way of your storage room or not having any at all.

(pls include this, Goldmetal :flushed: )

ok this topic is very very very old ^^ why so blue was closed and froggy has make a new mod - [MOD] Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) 1.92

at the moment he works on chickens and eggs ^^ but you can post your suggestion there :wink:

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Thanks <3 :smirk:

(That’s me trying to sound as casual as possible)

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