Bakers that Bake Baked Goods

I suggest that a Baker class be added to Stonehearth. Bakers would require a rolling pin (crafted by the Carpenter) and would have the ability to turn various food items into baked goods. The baker has two ‘stations’, one is a table (made by the carpenter) and the other either an oven or the campfire.

This would require the introduction of wheat or a similar grain crop as a farmable crop in order to create the items.

Items which the baker could create would include:

  • Hard Loaf: 1 wheat
  • Rich Loaf: 3 wheat
  • Pumpkin pie: 2 wheat, 1 pumpkin
  • Berry pie: 2 wheat, 1 berry basket
  • Hard Biscuit: (portable food!) 1 wheat for 4

The baker would make the raw version and then set it on the campfire to bake. After a while, it could deposit it in a stockpile (a bit odd) when cooked.

Potentially, if Radiant decides to change their mind about ‘intermediate’ items, the baker could create flour first when crafting a loaf of bread for example if needed, and then create the particular item. One would not have to specifically say: Craft Flour. Instead, it should happen automatically if the baker requires it. A Miller could in turn be added who could mill wheat into ‘Rich Flour’ which could be made into better items.


for the pie, that could be several steps :3 like:

  1. flour from wheat or corn
  2. pie crust from flour
  3. mash up harvested food into baking material
  4. add material to pie crust
  5. bake till delicious

as a reward, your settlers are better fed from pie than any of the individual ingredients, sound reasonable, or over thought?

Probably over-complex (“wheat/flour + pie contents = pie” should do it recipe-wise), but otherwise a good plan. Not much point in cooking if it doesn’t confer benefits over eating raw food after all (plus you have to consider the fact that the cook is a valuable hearthling that could be doing other jobs).

To combat the “useless” point of better food or cooked food you could make the villagers who eat it work for longer periods of time or work at a faster rate since the meal would be more filling. This is only 2 ideas that could make better food more useful

Definitely on the right track with “more filling” = longer work without food. A happiness boost would also be fitting, I think, as would preventing spoilage (if that gets to be a thing).

I think a Chef or Cook class might be better in the broad sense, though, as it’d cover a wider range of cooking tasks.

Don’t forget there are plans for things like feasts that give a town-wide buff :wink: .

That’s also where the better food could come into play. the better food you have the longer the buff lasts