Cook Recipe Ideas

As it was mentioned on the stream last night/yesterday by Tom i thought i’d take the initiative to create the topic.

As the title sugguests, what cook recipes would you like to see show up? bare in mind that each suggestion needs to be modelled, maybe there will be different qualities to add more diversity to the dishes and recipes unique to each race.

This topic is only to serve as a reference of ideas…

Tom considered the possibility of vegetarian meals too (which makes me happy, boo the trapper!)

I guess we can use this place to come up with new crops too

List of ingredients currently: (ingredients for a recipe)

List of recipes from stream:
Meat Stew
Veggie Stew
Carrot Cake (MrLurid)
Turnip Puree (MrLurid)

Type: Recipe/Crop

Type: Recipe
Name: Pumpkin Soup
Ingredients: Pumpkin x2, Carrot x1, Onion x1

Type: Crop
Name: Onion

ps. being vegetarian shouldn’t have a downside it should have a bonus :sunny: :wink:

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In the latest stream, Tom said we should post if we have some ideas about Cooking Recipes and new crops to go with them. I figured I’d give it a go. Just going to throw out a bunch of ideas and see if any stick.


Rice (only possible with access to water)
Sugar (cane or beets)

Other Foods

Sheep’s Milk (gathered by Shepherd)
Fish (gathered by Fisherman)


Cheese: Milk.
Flour: Wheat (not edible)
Bread: Flour.
Pastry: Flour (not edible)
Berry Pie: Pastry and Berries.
Meat Pie: Pastry and Meat (any).
Pumpkin Pie: Pastry and Pumpkin.
Salad: Tomato, Lettuce, Carrot.
Meat and Potato Stew: Meat (any) and Potato.
Fish and Chips: Fish, Potato.
Battered Fish: Flour, Fish.
Carrot Cake: Carrot, Flour, Milk, Sugar.
Sandwiches: Meat, Bread, Tomato, Lettuce, Cheese.
Rice Pudding: Rice, Milk, Sugar.
Fried Rice: Rice, Meat.
Pizza: Pastry, Meat, Tomato.


I like your ideas, but I have an issue. Personally, I despise the idea of a cook making baked goods (with no offense against you) I think there should be a separate baker class. The cook would focus on preserving food. Meanwhile the baker’s goods would focus on making settlers happier, but baked goods would spoil nearly as fast as unrefined food. Also, the baker’s goods would be useful for parties, festivals, and peace offerings. Not to mention, how are you going to make a pie using a cauldron?

No offense taken.

Maybe they’ll have an advanced cook class or they’ll have a second workbench for the cook (a wood stove maybe?). They are planning on the blacksmith needing both forge and anvil, so that would be no surprise.

So far, the lesser spoilage of the cooked food doesn’t really seems to be more gameplay-based than reality-based. Vegetable Stew and Meat Stew were the initial things being worked on. The dessert suggestions are based on Tom talking about wanting to add some desserts for high-level cooks.

Having a baker could be cool, but I worry that it’ll just increase the number of jobs you need early on too much. Maybe if it is a class that advances from the Cook?

And now I’m reminded of another recipe…
Jam: Berries, Sugar.


i just moved your posts over here @Tuhalu @Sandwitch, because they werent quite on the topic of other classes, amd this one was created for cook recipe suggestions.


I want all the recipes from @froggy s cookmod xD


I sent the files to the team, fingers crossed they might like them.


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May I suggest ‘Mammoth Mozzarella’ as a variant of “Buffalo” Mozzarella?

Also, Raccoon prosciutto with melons?

And for the herbivores among us, Vegetarian Pumpkin Lasagna? (Pumpkin, tomatoes, mushrooms, and floury ingredients?)

Maybe I should cook Italian tonight :smile:

How can we all forget butter?!?! How else are cooks supposed to make puff pastries, croissants, french toast, cakes, pies, cookies, and all sorts of other goodies?


good question, because everything tastes better with butter!


Is this the “Stonehearth Cafe” mod (v1.1)?

Contains recipes:
Berry Juice: Water, Berries.
Berry Pie: Flour, Berries.
Flour: Wheat x2
Grits: Corn
Meat and Potato Pie: Meat (any), Potato.
Meat Pie: Flour, Meat (any)
Pumpkin Pie: Flour, Pumpkin
Roast Critter: Meat (any)
Stew: Meat (any), Potato, Turnip, Pumpkin

Just adding the list here so people don’t have to go looking elsewhere to find out what it is!

Note: Your rabbit recipe doesn’t actually specify rabbit jerky in your json?



Mushrooms(must be grown underground)
Grapes(maybe require an arbor from the carpenter?)
Kelp(must be planted in water)
Hot and sweat peppers
Spices(I figure keep it generic)

New mineral suggestion: Salt

New Trapper suggestion:

Lobster, crab and fish traps

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first thanks for c&p the receips ^^ second no it doesnt because jerky is jerky in the game ^^

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Using bones to make broth. This should then be the base for all soups.

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