Shepherd and Cook Suggestions

I was thinking about some new food items for a cook, but most of my ideas would require… milk! So I figured I’d go the whole nine yards.

First, cows!
These would require a higher level Shepherd to create a pasture, maybe 3 or 4? Cow would produce milk, of course, and when slaughtered they would produce hide and beef. I think they should use the same feed as sheep, as they eat about the same foods. All pretty standard stuff.
As a side note, like how farmers can only grow certain things at a certain level, maybe that could be applied to shepherds? Apprentices only find rabbits, level 1 chickens, and level 2 sheep?

Second, desserts! (and other various foods)
I’d think it’d be nice if pies were added into the game, berry and prickly pear pies respectively. Hearthlings would love pies and maybe it gives a slightly bigger buff for them over normal foods. Milk is a requirement for many desserts so, cakes and cookies might be a great thing as well. A level 3 or higher cook can make these foods. Maybe if spoiled milk is left out for long enough it turns into cheese; the cook could make it too, what ever works. Since the cows also drop beef I figured that the cook should also be able to make grilled steaks and/or hamburgers too. (I’m writing this while hungry…) Maybe in the future when water is a necessity for hearthlings milk can also be used for making tasty drinks

Thanks for reading and considering it!


Have you tried this?


Never go shopping while hungry, you just buy the whole store :smiley: But instead, do what you just did here and write a suggestion post for the cooks! Awesome ideas and some that i think most of us would love to have ingame at some point.

The stonehearth cafe mod gives alot of new options in this field, but its still a mod…

I may try this mod!
Have you used before?

Yup, I love it. Just keep in mind needing to drink becomes an issue in this mod so the Hearthlings need to eat berries at the beginning OR you need to rush a well (which is made by the mason) and you collect water my harvesting the well, which produces enough water for about 10 Hearthlings. You also get a lot more recipes and drinks.

Nice! I bet playing Rayya’s Children is harder now.