Trough (food bowl for farm animals)

that is an example of a trough

i think there should be something that the shepherd can store more food at a time. it could be a new recipe for the mason or it could be an automatic feeding system by the engineer. this is not limited to sheep, i think there should be 3 different types of troughs (one for rabbits one for poyos and one for sheep)
from my experiences the current way feeding works is a bit problematic for example in The tragic tail of Maryanne Inverse a lot of things in my world got messed up all because there was wool where my shepherd tried to put the sheep feed


Great idea! If the Weaver can have a supply basket of wool, it’s only fair for the wool-granter to be fed with the same urgency. It’s a cute visual, I can imagine having 3 fence sides and one side of troughs, a convo popping up if a passerby observes feeding time.

Even if it was just 2 bits of feed, or dispensed every other day, it’d be nicer than watching sheep fret while a Shepherd treks about the map and then falls asleep before she remembers to check in with her flock. One Shepherd per pasture rarely seems to be enough, so busy do their travels keep them.

Maybe the trough capacity could increase as the Shepherd levels up? Or there could be multiple trough sizes that unlock (Carpenter? Engineer? Shep-crafting?) or are sold by merchants through main quest progression.

Or in another vein, it’d be nice if we could let any supply container hold Poyo Feed, so anyone can prioritize hauling it closer to the fields, even if the Shepherd still only feeds by hand. Same goes for splitting up the “Cooking Ingredients and Animal Feed” combo in stockpiles, so the corn meal stays in the kitchen and the Poyo Feed can head out to the coop. Any way’s welcome to keep food near eager mouths.

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I know, that most people want their suggestions in the main game. But I can’t help it, if I read a good idea I have to try wether I can do it.

Here you are. A small little trough mod until devs decide to implement a better one in game :slight_smile:

It’s not automatic, more like woof said:


trough.smod (13.2 KB)