Sheep Always Hungry? (Other Sheep Bugs)

This is my first game actually trying out the Shepherd, since they’ve never been useful enough for me to really care about sacrificing my Level 4 Trapper to get one. First thing I notice is, my sheep constantly have the Hunger icon above their heads, 24/7, despite being in a grassy field? Are my sheep just especially stupid and can’t find the ground, or is anyone else experiencing this?

Other sheep bugs: Shepherd is never in field with Sheep, instead staying indoors, near fire, sleeping, eating, wandering around far away.

Also of note: My field is infested with Raccoons. More Raccoons than Sheep. Mild annoyance.

You need a Cook to produce animal food. Sheep Feed requires wheat. Once done, the shepherd provides his flock with it so he will be a bit busier.