Shepard not shearing sheep

I just noticed tonight that my shepherd has not been harvesting wool from the sheep. I thought originally that he was overloaded so I added a second shepherd and waited…still nothing. I have rebooted the game a few times in case that was the issue but hasn’t changed.

Day 4 of Rainmun with population capped at 16 hearthlings for now. CPU and RAM usage are both still below half usage.

Is anybody else seeing this or is it local to my machine?

Edit: I labeled it a bug report but it’s more just a question at this point. If anyone else has come across it I’ll do proper bug report. If not, I’ll do a fresh install on my comp and see if it helps :slight_smile:

Are your sheep hungry? The shepherd will not shear hungry sheep… Have your cook make some sheep feed.


I have that problem too. And I have 10 sheep food and 3 sheep. They don’t shear sheep for wool

Plenty of food available and only the usual short term hunger symbol when they wander over to eat. My cook maintains 20 of each type of feed and the Shepherds were just gathering eggs from poyo and feeding the live stock.

I tried all the usual tactics to get them working again. I demoted both shepherds to workers and promoted back to shepherds, removed all the pasture lands and then relaid them.

I finally gave up and converted the sheep pasture to a poyo coop lol.

Edit: @brad I’m tied up for a few more hours but when I get a chance i’ll get the sheep pasture going again and see if they’re still being lazy. If they aren’t cooperating i’ll send in a copy of the save file. If they start working on the TR machines i’ll know it’s a problem on my end :slight_smile:

@brad here’s a copy of the save file. I redid the sheep pasture and allowed the flock to mature a little. Currently three sheep and a lamb but no shearing yet. Food is plentiful and I culled my flock of poyo to ensure the shepherds weren’t over-tasked. Basically tried to eliminate as many possible causes as I could for you before I sent it. It’s a persistent bug so it should be present on load with no wool in my inventory and no shearing after.

First time using Google drive so if there’s a problem with the link, let me know so I can email it :smile:

As a bonus; the file includes a trap in the crafting area that has been there for a while. It recently caught a fox. Not sure trapping live animals in the crafting area is really a good, safe work practice. Hearthling safety procedures should be reviewed and a safety meeting called, at the least.

Thanks @Boulderboy! We’ll take a look and try to figure out what’s going on.

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