How do shepherds work? Alpha 10-5-10 (Bug?)

My shepherd isn’t doing anything. I set up a pasture with fences around it and everything, he’s not doing anything. I’m assuming this is a bug.

In theory, the shepherd needs to find some sheep before he can do much of anything. I’m not sure when and why sheep spawn once you have a shepherd though. If no sheep exist in the world yet, your shepherd will do a fair bit of nothing.

If sheep exist, but your shepherd is not looking for them, that would be a definite bug.


I’ve had a shepherd for a month and no sheep have turned up.

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well thats definitely a bug…

would you be able to provide a screenshot?

I can post several

See that empty section fenced in at the bottom right 4th picture? That is where I placed the pasture. I don’t see any sheep around my map.

so just to make sure, there is a pasture zone placed in the fenced area?


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What does it say he’s doing in the citizen overview? Does it say idling or searching for sheep?

If it says idling, then it is most likely a bug. Switching shepherds (it might take awhile) and/or reloading the game might fix it.

Even if he is searching for sheep, it is either a very long search or it is also a bug and something is causing the sheep not to spawn, which would also be a bug.

No he just does stuff around the town, he picks up items and takes them to the stockpiles, cuts down trees, and loots stuff.

Yeah, try getting a new shepherd, or removing the pasture and putting it back.