Fenced area for pens

So I created a few pastures for various animals, and included a gate for the shepherd to be able to go in and out. It appears the animals are also going through the gate. What am I doing wrong? If I don’t have a gate, the shepherd won’t be able to attend to the animals, right? Or am I misunderstanding the mechanics of that part of the game? Thanks!

This might be a bug, as things like this have happened before, in previous alphas. Check to see if the animals are following the shepherd out of the pasture, or if they’re wandering out by themselves.

Also, in one of the previous updates, animals were restricted to their green zones and were not able to wander outside of them at all. Make sure your fences cover the entire, or even more, space of the pasture.

The fence is 1 block outside of the pasture area, and the animals wander off on their own, and at times following the shepherd… but mostly wandering off on their own.

Ok, then something went wonky with one of the previous fixes. What Alpha are you playing on, by the way?

Paging @sdee and/or @8BitCrab, as otherwise I haven’t gotten far enough to get a shepherd in really any recent playthrough.

Playing A17 (dev-3000 x64)

I’ll definitely try and work my way to a shepherd, but someone from TR will (probably) get back to you before I do - have fun until then!

i know this definitely was a problem in the past, but never experienced it myself… best wait for Stephanie

I can confirm it happens, at the beginning . it seems like it take a little bit for the animals to settle down and decide to stay.
It is usually compounded if you have selected multiple pasture a once. As soon as the shepherd lures one type of animal to a pasture they go off chasing the others and the animals follow him. It stabilizes for me once the shepherd get the animal in the pen and starts feeding it.

I an not sure but once the animal tags the designated pasture the poyo’s will drop eggs and yaks (from the cookmod) will drop milk even if they are follow the shepherd on a parade through town.

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