Shepherd takes too long to put animals in their pasture

When play testing A14 D2795, I remarked to myself how nice it was that livestock were no longer habitual escapees. And now here I am play testing D2797, and I’ve got a bunch of Houdini’s again.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Normal Game
  2. Promote a Shepherd
  3. Create you some livestock zones
  4. Fence 'em all in and give 'em each a gate.
  5. Sit back and watch the mayhem as livestock ignore all law and order, following the shepherd around everywhere they go.

Note how they just follow along behind him everywhere he goes, even though they’ve all been placed in their zones already.

Expected Results:
Nice, orderly, respectful livestock (snort)

Actual Results:
Pandemonium. (Not really, just a bunch of wandering animals everywhere).

Save Game

Version Number and Mods in use:
A14 D2797 x64 + Debug Tools


I think it’s the Shepherd who tells the animals to follow him.
I agree, that’s a bit strange but that’s a bug which only concerns the shepherd.
If he walks away, you may notice the animals stay in their areas :wink:

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Sadly not. They follow him back out again. Though you may be right in that his follow instruction is possibly not being removed properly.

@yshan, do we possibly have a regression?


I am confused by the save attached. It seems like there are no shepherds in it or animals fields.
Could the save be accidentally different somehow?

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the weresheep strike again…


ruh roh! I must have crossed my saves! One moment…

not being able to customize the save game filenames is … trixy. Glad that’s been fixed.


Sigh. Looks like I screwed up and lost my progress, which explains it. I’ll evolve the save to recreate and update the topic with the save.

Here you go. Sorry for the delay and confusion: - Google Drive

Here you’ll see chickens who were just fed and put away leaving their zone to catch up to the shepherd.


Can confirm this in 2807. @yshan, let me know if you want a save…

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Yes a save please. In other save in this post, the chickens were just following the shepherd and were returned to their pen, so I couldn’t see anything wrong with it.

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Alright, give me a few minutes, have to figure out which save it was, I made a lot :sweat:


Of course, since I promised a save now I cannot find one with the issue in it. Sorry @yshan!


In my most recent unstable branch game played, the animals never even went into their pens. The shepherd was gathering them and they would wander around my town but the one place they did not go was their pastures. I waited a few in-game days and it didn’t change. It was pretty strange.

FWIW, I was NOT able to reproduce this problem in 2807. No clue how or why, but I don’t even need to fence in my pastures anymore. It’s great.

Edit: And now that I think about it, it’s very possible the fences and fence gates are actually confusing the pathfinder.

Continuing the discussion from Challenge accepted:

I think what’s happening is that the shepherd is trying to gather all the animals for all the pastures at the same time. The animals will follow the shepherd until they are dropped off at their pastures. And THEN the animals will wander within their pastures. Until then, they will keep trying to following the shepherd, sometimes getting lost because the shepherd might drop his job to go eat or sleep.

It’s on my to-do list to make this better. EX: maybe the shepherd should only gather animals for one pasture at a time.
Thanks for the info!



@jomaxro acknowledged_by_devs?

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Looks like @8BitCrab beat me too it!

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Can we change the title of this thread please? :slightly_smiling:
Something like: Shepherd takes too long to put animals in their pasture

Unless livestock were put in their pastures and then somehow escaped, which would be a separate issue XD

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