Shepherd didn't place animals in areas

It often (nearly always) happen to me that the shepherd has a large amount of animals behind him. The animals (poyo, sheeps and rabbits) are following him, instead living on the pasture places.
The pasture places for the animals are empty.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Not sure. It feels like the alarmbell (“call to arms”) feature makes it more worse (maybe old actions are aborted?)

Expected Results:
Don’t know excactlly but before the shepheard wanders around in my town, he should place the following animals in the “save” pasture places. Now it feals like the places are used only in rare cases.

Actual Results:
some Animals never loses the shepherd.

Its maybe related or duplicate of


Version Number and Mods in use:
develop-3109 (x64) -> no mods (7.6 MB)

I think that this happens until the shepherd fills all the pastures you have. When a pasture is at full capacity the animals will remain on it more often. This was the last behavior I saw, but it could be a bug or something to improve.

It would be a question for @yshan.

The pasture places for the animals remain empty. i edited it at the summary. So here is something wrong. Is this only happen to me? I occurs often to me.

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