[Dup] [180] Pasture&Shepherd issue

Hey, I’ve found a bug where after getting a shepherd and creating a pasture, when he goes to search for the sheeps, you can’t remove the pasture and set it somewhere else, because it will start giving you errors.
I don’t have a screenshot of error msg, but it was connected to pasture.
He was still walking around for some time after I relocated pasture and when he went to sleep and sheeps went in with him (well, that was awkward), I’ve found him laying on the floor in the morning, thinking about food and unable to move. Then, I’ve noticed the errors. I couldn’t demote him from shepherd to worker either.

-Get a shepherd
-Create a pasture
-While he’s taming his sheeps remove existing pasture
-Create a new pasture somewhere else

shepherd finds out that the pasture is relocated and takes his sheeps there

shepherd’s just laying on the floor full of his Weltschmerz and throwing errors at us

If needed, I can try to reproduce it and take a screenshot of errors it gives me.

hi there @elmis66… i believe this is a know bug, as @sdee mentioned a pending fix (over in the blog comments)…

Deleting shepherd pastures will also currently result in a bunch of errors. Fix coming whenever we next push a build.

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