Sheppard seems to not be putting livestock in their pens?

This could also be a bug but not sure.

My sheppard seems to be Moses… just forgot he only needs 2 of every animal…

Also, (sorry for no screenshot), I have about a dozen animals slated for the slaughterhouse but my sheppard won’t do his job there either… Maybe it has something to do with all the livestock following him around…?

Again, if this is a bug, let me know and I’ll write it up.

have seen this happen in my saves as well. The sheppard keeps wandering around looking for animals until all the area’s are full. However the animals keep following him and only after a while will they stay in there area but the sheppard will continue to roam and gather new ones.

I just thought it was just as with the farmer, just kept doing his job.

i know the older versions of the game, this would happen, but I personally havent seen it happen since. what versions are you using of the game?

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I’m in the latest branch 549

I haven’t had time to verify but this could be do to not having any livestock food available for(in my case, for quite some time) livestock before livestock being gathered/shepparded (is that a word lol NO!)

If this is the case then this is a bug but again, verification is a bit time consuming at the moment.

wandering if telling the sheppard to stop doing his job will change anything. Think i will test this out when my village is bigger tonight

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Nice! Good thinking, let me know!

so I finally had time to prepare a good area for the sheppard. Waited for him to have gathered some animals. rabbits in this case kept follwing him around. I did not have any food for the animals and had no fence around the animal area.

When i unchecked the box of the sheppard who was busy chasing rabbit his task changed to return to pen. He dropped off the 2 rabbits and when on to haul some stuff. When i told him to do his job again he started chasing rabbits again but the 2 rabbits he already had stayed in there appointed area.

Seems to me a small work around to the issue, although the sheppard should be able to do it on his own

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did notice by the way that the sheppard puts the animals in the pens on its own just takes a bit longer. But with 6 animals of 2 types walking after him it should be done quicker

Hey Doc, thanks and nice work! Could you verify 1 more thing for me? Is your sheppard able to “harvest” the livestock? I have every livestock animal marked for “harvesting” (sounds so bad… ) but they are never harvested?

If you can verify this, I’ll go ahead and write a bug up.

will test it out as soon as i have a cook to make some food. Hungry animals can’t be harvested.

after my cook made some rabbit food and my sheppard was done hauling it to feed them, i could select the rabbit for harvesting. The sheppard did harvest the rabbit. waiting for the sheppard to shear the sheep to see if he will do this on his own


So while waiting for my sheppard to do his thing i noticed that the animals from 1 area will wander to another area if there is food there. Even if they need to use gates to get there. Seems a bit od to me that gates don’t stop animals from wandering around. On the note of the sheeps being sheared the sheppard will not do that. The wool is only colelcted after killing the sheep.

It also appears that the sheppard takes animals from the area if there are to many, but is not putting them in the other area. Also when there is enough room sometimes an animal will leave its area to follow the sheppard. All in all i think the dev’s need to take a look at the sheppard and animal behavior coding

I am overloading the sheppard right know i believe.

Strange. Never encountered any of this. My shepherd searches for animals only when there is place for them in the pen and shears sheep automatically when they have wool.

Collecting animals won’t work if they’ve spent a long time without food. In this case they will have their “collecting” button transparent and there will also be a “hungry” red debuff icon on them (lower left corner). There is simply not enough meat on them to collect.
It should not be the case if you have just captured the animals.

i have 2 sheppards now and they don’t shear the sheep

also they stopped harvesting the rabbits so yeahh it seems a bit bugged

I can confirm, I had my shepherd being followed by too many rabbits and I also thought that once all the pastures were full it would stop (sadly I haven’t reached that goal yet, since they spawn really far and the shepherd takes too long to get a new animal, it just goes back to eat or sleep, it never ends).

@yshan, is this expected behavior?


So this is weird but I just noticed that none of my sheep have the ‘Shear’ option…?

i believe it is supposed to be similair to the chickens egg. It just automaticly should happen

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