Shepherd not feeding animals

Hey everyone, or anyone that might be having this problem. Currently I have 2 shepherds, but neither of them are putting feed in the manger in the center of my pasture. I have removed the trees from the center of the pasture too per an old thread mentioning this problem.

There is plenty of duck feed specifically.

Is there any information I can provide that would be helpful to finding out why this is happening? Or is it just an issue with me? Thanks!

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Do you have any other animals? Is the same happening to them?

Are you using any mods other than ACE? Which ones?

(a mod that is known to cause issues/not work properly is Animalot)

Hey Dani, I don’t have animalot installed and no other pasture animals. Pets seem to just wander to the storage spaces with food and self-feed.
Other mods are : Trapper+, Hunter, Beast Pets. These are the only ones I would think would interfere with the function of animals? Others are LostEms, Signery, Home Sweet home, Settlement Decor etc.

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Hmmm… These shouldn’t interfere with pasture animals either, though. Pasture animals are different from all other animals in the game.

Not sure what could cause it… Can you try something for me?
If you craft the “basic” food (Animal Fodder, the one that can be eaten by any animal) does it work? Do they feed the ducks with it?

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Ok, did some more playtesting. The shepherd finally put some animal fodder into the manger. I think it was the most basic type?

Thanks for the help Dani! You’re awesome, as always. :slight_smile:

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Maybe it’s something wrong with the duck feed specifically, then :merry:

I’ll test it out… Thanks for the report :jubilant:

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