Shepard has a cult of animal followers

does any one else see this issure and how to fix it possable?

I don’t exactly get what the issue is, but it looks like you need a fence around your farm.

That screenshot isn’t too helpful. I’m guessing you’re seeing pastured animals follow the Shepherd?

By design, there’s an AI script that has all pastured animals random follow the Shepherd randomly. This hasn’t caused any issues in my games.

However, if you pastures aren’t fenced in by some means, the animals will wander more often. Even if fenced in, they could still wander out if their pathing happens to take them through the door. The Shepherd has an AI function to find these “lost” animals and put them back.

Basically, feel free to fence in your critters or let them roam free; either way, the game will handle it.

does this not count as properly fenced in

Okay, i think what’s happening is that you set a animal spot for sheep for example, they will not just spawn. Your shepheard now goes and “collects” sheep. Since you have placed lots of plots, he will collect lots of animals and they follow him around until he has all he needs and brings them to the cage.