Shepherd bug? and armor bug

Hi there,

its image of maybe only my bug of armor.

And shepherd is taking sheeps from animals pasture when there is fence. Maybe he’s drunk :3

Edit: getting small lags, i can move with camera but herlings are stucked for 3 seconds :confused:

Hi @lasiecz, welcome aboard!

Thanks for the great post and showing a picture. It is very helpful in finding and diagnosing the bug.

The armor bug is reported here: [Con] Armor is not worn properly

I don’t know whether the shepherd thing is a bug or feature. I didn’t know that they are supposed to stay in the fence, or that a fence even has to be build. That may be for future development.


I can confirm that the iron armor helmet isn’t being placed correctly on the model.

People use to surround pastures with fences, to prevent the sheep from idling too far. But it’s tricky to keep the sheep inside, although I remember that it was fixed some time ago.

Perhaps the fence gate was open and the sheep was outside?
Sheeps are supposed to follow shepherd until they arrive to the pasture area, I think.

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I have fence and gate too and sheeps are inside and gate is closed. He just sometimes go in and take them out with him and then back. Dont know what is he doing :-/

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