Alpha 12 shepherd bug?

Hi, this is my first post. I had stopped playing for a few months untill the release of alpha 11, where i encoutered a few problems with the trapper: he didnt work properly and was basically useless. However, when i started playing alpha 12, the trapper was fixed and very performant, but the shepherd was even more useless than the alpha 11 trapper, he does nothing but idle, eat and sleep. (he used to work in alpha 11…)
Im not sure if this a bug, but im pretty sure i did everything right, at least for the alpha 11 shepherd.

Just to ask the obvious questions first, but did you set a field for him to collect animals?

ive noticed that they seem to want to try to find animals rather then feeding them when they need. I lost lots of rabbits because they were not feeding them even thought I had like 20 rabbit feed

haven’t noticed them just idle eat and sleep

it was actually a bug in a certain world i played, they work in other worlds but like you said, they try to find more animals rather than feed the others

yes i did make a pasture zone