Lua spike after upgrading trapper to shepherd

reproduced this problem on 3 games upgraded a trapper to a shepherd and lua went haywire and made the game virtually unplayable

With some more information we might be able to help the devs reproduce this bug. I tried making a trapper and turning him into a farmer early on and nothing bad happened for me, so I’d assume there must be something to making this happen that the devs wouldn’t ordinarily try.

Did you have some other farmers?
How big were the farm zones and were they in use?
Was the trapper trying to do do his job (lay traps or empty out the traps) when you ordered him to change jobs?
Any else you can think of that might be worth knowing?

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3 farmers running a 20 by 20 farm perfectly for a game week before i made trapper into farmer and traper was sleeping before i told him to go become a farmer and all was fine till he found his first sheep (it so fluffy) and i had 2 more trappers lined up doing his job i can upload the save files in question if you guys wanna play around with it i still have it havent sent it to the fire depths of the trashcan yet

You mean you made him a shephard, not a farmer. The shephard is known to be buggy thanks to it, as of right now, just being a test on upgrading a class.

yeash shepard = lag sorry im half asleep been up all night fighting with lua 98.9% crap