Animals Parading

So the poyos and sheep are following the shepherd literally everywhere… to the point where they’re starving themselves. It’s kind of funny if it wasn’t so tragic! Is there a way to keep them penned in? Currently they just pass through the fence gates like they have thumbs, and their pastures are completely fenced in otherwise with food inside.

Similar issue here, and the only mod i’m using other than ACE is BEAM - in my gameplay, they didn’t starve but took a long time to finally stop following the sheppard. The sheppard went to the wilds searching for new animals, then the animals followed, but before they could arrive inside their proper areas (zones) the sheppard was usually going elsewhere to do something.

For mine, I’ve found it’s an issue with the shepherd sometimes getting distracted and not returning them to pasture. I disabled all the other tasks and once the animals were returned to the fenced area, clicked off the “find strays” option and has been less of an issue. Before, his parade of animals was dogpiling into bed lol:

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