Starving farm animals


I have 2 shepherds, 3 pastures that are 33x33 one for each animal, and have plenty of feed from the cook. I also have my shepherds with everything deselected but doing their job. My farm animals are continually starving to the point my cleric is doing nothing but standing in the field and healing them. They spend more time talking than doing their job. I enjoy the talking and social aspect of the game, but my hearthlings seem to get nothing done because they are always socializing. It may be tuned a little high.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a Shepherd
  2. Create pastures
  3. let the game run

Expected Results:
Shepherds care for the animals
Actual Results:
Shepherds don’t feed animals


Version Number and Mods in use:
Latest Development build
System Information:


same right here i had my cleric healing my starving sheep for like 20 minutes


feeding is a haul job if I remember right.


It happened before I turned hauling off, I figured that it might get them to focus, it happens that they get the food to the pasture but drop it to talk to someone, and someone comes behind them and puts it back, which starts the cycle again…as the poor animals starve.