[rel 949 x64] - Cleric Interfears with Supper Time


After playing for a while without any issues I created my first Cleric. After a short amount of time I visually noticed several people (usually my military) being hungry. Soon after I started getting notices that they were starving. This led me to quickly check my food supply. Having two cooks and two farmers already working hard in my city of 15 citizens, I knew food wasn’t actually the problem. That said, I confirmed it anyway. I watched my Cleric closely and noticed he was throwing heals out all over the place, mostly on himself. After that I decided to separate my army. I put my cleric and 2 archers together, and my knights and soldiers in a separate group. I noticed my nights and soldiers went and ate as normal, however my cleric never ate and it was fairly “random” if my archers would or not. I often got a starvation warning on my cleric, who just kept healing. As a test, I demoted my cleric back to a herbalist and all of my hunger warnings went away. Everyone was eating again. I then promoted him back to cleric and the issues with my citizens (any of them hanging out around the cleric) returned.

IN ADDITION, I noticed this also had a huge effect on my farms. As military units do, my cleric hung around around the farms (close to the animals) and whenever an animal would get hungry the cleric would toss a heal on it. This resulted in their “hunger” never triggering my shepherd never going to feed them. Again, this wasn’t due to not having any food for them so when the cleric was demoted to a herbalist the shepherd went on feeding the animals as normal.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a productive city with an adequate food supply
  2. Promote a citizen to Cleric
  3. Observe over time the hunger of the Cleric and those around the Cleric

Expected Results:

When hungry, citizens will go and get available food to eat.

Actual Results:

When hungry, the cleric tosses a heal on the citizen so they never go and eat, and as such never clear their hunger.

Version Number and Mods in use:

Release 949 (x64) with NO mods in use

System Information:

AMD FX 8320 @ 3.5Ghz
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64
GeForce GTX 750 (up to date drivers)

I decided to do a quick video in order to help better explain to the devs what’s going on, and maybe also track down what the issue could be related to;

This was reported long ago in this thread: Bug: (behaviour) Cleric is starving him / herself
The best suggestion was to take the Cleric off of their job duty so they will go eat. But indeed, it seemed like the Shepherd wasn’t putting out the generic animal feed for the rabbits fast enough, they have to have Hauling enabled.
The game is in final release now, so any bug fixes should not be expected to happen.

The ACE mod adds more options for pasture feeding with troughs, which allow you to have food stocked up for each pasture instead of relying on a single feeding task which might take a while when the shepherd is busy (e.g., sleeping). ACE also allows animals to passively heal a little to overcome minor damage and not require as much attention from clerics.


You appear to be correct about the food. However, the ACTUAL bug is that the rabbits are excluded from being fed the “Animal Fodder”, which states it can be fed to any vegetarian animal. They can only be fed the rabbit food. As soon as I created 1 rabbit food they were immediately fed. So either the Animal Fodder needs corrected so it can be fed to rabbits, or the tool-tip needs fixed to better explain how the Animal Fodder can be used.