Cleric should not heal hungry chickens

I had a lot of hungry chickens, and that was annoying, cleric still heal my chickens (with no results - they are still hungry).
Anybody had the same problem?

Version Number and Mods in use: Alpha 21

System Information: Win10


healing doesnt heal their hunger… lol it heals their hp… clearly they took damage from starving so the cleric kept them alive with healing… i dont see anything wrong here.

cleric should heal ppl not just stay near my chicken with all combat group. if chicken need to die because of hunger so ok chicken should die :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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or maybe you should just feed your poor chickens… then it wouldnt be a problem ;D

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villagers were too busy to feed them :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm… not sure i’d consider this a bug, i mean, the clerics job is to heal things, and if there aren’t any soldiers to heal or monsters to fight, why not have him heal the hurt animals?

but just encase, i’ll page @sdee for you :slight_smile:

hmm i didnt check if cleric get xp for that. if he do it shouldnt doesnt matter now but it will if we will have multiplayer in the future. its like training doll.

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oki ckeck this save again. Enemies come… and cleric should come and fight with them but he stays with chickens and everybody died.

remember: ALWAYS FEED CHICKEN!! :smiley: haha

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Obviously what you have there is a cleric who would rather be a druid. :merry:


bahahahahaha :jubilant:

I have had that same problem. My thoughts are that it keeps them alive a little longer, plus the cleric is gaining skill. I haven’t seen any real harm in it.

But does the Cleric heal your troops instead of poyos during raids? If the priorities are right I see nothing wrong here (well, maybe except the moral question of making innocent animals starve).

To be fair, that’s the fault of the bloody chickens for not hunting worms in the first place…

I’m experiencing the same thing, but I don’t understand why my Poyo are starving.

I have a shepherd, whose only responsibility is a defined area with some Poyo in.

I have a nearby kitchen that has a bunch of Poyo food on the floor and also some supply tables that have a load of Poyo food on.

Not once has the shepherd actually given the Poyo any of the Poyo food.

if it wasn’t for my clerics, the Poyo would have starved to death by now.

Do you have a savefile where the issue was still occuring, @stormknight?
Or the shepherd does feed them upon reload?

I just tried saving and reloading, but the shepherd is just hauling ingredients for the kitchen. If I set them to only do their job (de-click haul and build) then he just idle’s or sits by the fire.

Here’s the game save.

Btw, I just want to say that I love this game, have done since I picked it up years ago and I also love how responsive you are to people’s issues on the forums. (9.7 MB)

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When I loaded your savefile, the shepherd feeds the poyos just fine.
I saw a poyo with the hungry toast, and after the shepherd finished his current restocking errand (sometimes he went to sleep first) he feeded them immediately.

I don’t see the poyos starving, they do get hurt by the weather, that’s why the cleric goes to heal them when he’s nearby. But they aren’t starving (they don’t get the ‘starving’ debuff nor lose health due to it) :confused:

Yeah I’m seeing my clerics running around healing my livestock constantly due to it being winter. Both my clerics are starving and depressed b/c they’re healing chickens rather than eating. I’ve tried placing braziers and building shelters but it hasn’t helped.