Clerics are starving my town :(

when, for one reason or another, my army starts starving, they run to the food chest or pick a crop off of the ground. They then decide to drop the food on the ground, deleting it, and run over to the nearest cleric. after all the food is gone, no one can eat. the only way I can find to fix this is to demote all of my clerics and unassign all of my combat units from their job. this bug has haunted my town from alpha 20 - alpha 22 and although the game is technically still playable since the clerics keep everyone alive, it is extremely annoying. plz help
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22, none
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Could you upload your save game and log, please.

The case you describe seems pretty extreme, the only food that disappears when dropped are servings, so for your soldiers to have destroyed all your food the food must have had very few stacks (or there wasn’t much food).

We’ll take a look when we review the healing in the game, there are other related issues we should tackle together with this.