Idea: More animals and cooking options

I don’t know whether there are mods for this specific idea, but I do know that a mod has been added that adds oxen (I may be wrong).
I think more cooking options and more animals would be great, maybe even meat processing (pig sausages, cow burgers, you get my drift). Sometimes it is annoying that I have to make stew of some sort over and over until I get an oven (I know this isn’t the only option but just go with it for now). I think what would be cool is to have a genuine variety of food. Another idea would be spcertain hearthlings would only eat their favourite food, a small thing that could be implemented to make it more complex cooking because there are already many options yet people seem fine with just bread and vegetables. This could be implemented into a food mod or a hearthling mind reader mod. Thanks for reading, hope you have some good ideas!

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I would love to see more food and animals in Stonehearth! There is a mod currently that adds some food and animals to Stonehearth, it’s the Stonehearth Cafe mod made by @Froggy . If you haven’t seen it yet I recommend you check it out, might find some cool stuff in there.

I wouldn’t mind seeing some new animals in Stonehearth and along with that we will more than likely get more food. I did see Tom working on the Boar a long while back so maybe it will be implemented soon. I also remember talks of adding in feasts into the game as sort of a buff system .

Also have a food .gif from my favorite movie!

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@Feashrind Thanks for your input, yes I have seen the froggy cafe mod, that’s where the ox is from I believe. A boar would be neat, thanks for sharing this. What movie is that .gif from? Just wondering.