COW Invasion! MOD!

There NEEDS too be cows in StoneHearth, So here is my Solution to COWS!!!

  1. Cows are my favorite animal.
  2. I’m not Offended Cows are not Within StoneHearth.
  3. To Solve this delay though I will give a challenge to any Modder who reads this, Make a cow invasion mod where each spring (except the starting spring), have Bovine Barbarians invade and Slaughter every moving thing whether it be a good or evil mob, or just the player’s town. Let it also be known that for every Cow Barbarian Group not murdered at the end of each spring they will turn into a tribe, which will permanently stay there every season, unless destroyed by the player. Two reasons you don’t want Barbarian Cow tribes around is 1. they will raid your town at least once every season and 2. they will help accumulate the number of Cow Barbarians each Spring time making it more difficult every Spring-time! PLEASE Someone make this Mod!!!

P.S. Give the Cows GOGGLES!!!
P.S.S. Please Give Suggestions on how this could be improved Thank You!


I think I know someone you’ll get along VERY well with…

@voxel_pirate has also got a model for that too…

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I know He gave me Great inspiration with my Idea, I give all Credit to the Cow Master @voxel_pirate
ALL HAIL The Great Cow Master! and His Pet Titan COW!!!

i’m … somewhat at a loss for words here…

but i have supreme confidence in @voxel_pirate and his cow brethren in pulling together the greatest cow mod the world has ever known! for Stonehearth…

It Shall Not Just be a modification, But a Bloody Bovine REVOLUTION/petition Thingy!

Plus do you have any suggestions @SteveAdamo ?

legitimate suggestions for a cow mod? sure! let’s see… you could incorporate some “roaming AI” logic for the cows, with a basic objective to get from point A to point B (one side of your town to another)…

then have two units each try and coax a cow to the finish line in the least amount of time… the reward is a percentage increase in the amount of milk the winning cow produces…

and that represents 3.71 seconds of brainstorming a cow mod… i need a nap now…

Thank You @SteveAdamo for your Suggestions!
P.S. I’m not making the mod, but please help me find someone who could! Thank You!

This game needs a secret cow level.

Agreed. Sorta just like Diablo!
( P.S. anyone get the reference?)

Let’s see what the future brings. But I would not wonder if there will be cows, this or that way… :wink2:.

I think that animals like cows, have to be in the game, as well as another animals to produce some materials like meat, leather, milk, and other things that will be used for another class. If there’s a farming system, farmers will take care of corn/pumpkin/any-vegetable fields and animal pens as well.

If there was something like this I would love to see it handled as some sort of module.

You stumble across a herd of cows and decide to butcher them all for the meat and leather … next year an angry humanoid cow clan come and rain terror upon your settlement.

I also think it’s safe to say that there will be some sort of animal/ creature mod that includes a wide variety of animals. It’s just one of those things that tends to happen.

Haha you would like to see an invasion that looks a bit like this?

Aaah… the good old days!

EDIT: pic is from diablo 2 btw.


Led by a titan Minotaur. Yes, yes a million times yes!

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Yeah, I think it will be a fantastic mod!

Mmm also, i’d like to know what are the main rewards for killing all those tribes? a legendary item? cool resources? the tribe it’s tammed and you can place their totem in your city and have some Barbarian cows as workers?

How about some nice, fresh steak? Is that not enough? :wink:


Thank you @Raistlin For the Suggestion of a legendary item for a reward every raiding season Hopeful if someone makes this mod the Legendary item could be a bucket of Holy Milk or something. (Everyone please make suggestions on some legendary drop items and what they would do!)

Although @Paranundrox a fresh piece of steak for a normal mob loot item is a good idea any other Suggestions?

THANK YOU @Ghost for getting the Reference I thought I’d be a Loner there for a minute.

@Geoffers747 You my friend have a wonderful piece of Carma there, so keep it coming!

And LASTLY But never ever least THANK YOU Oh Great COW Master @voxel_pirate For your small but big praise for this!!! Let it be known That COWS Will be The NEW MASTERS OF STONEHEARTH Forever!!!

P.S. I would just like to thank @SteveAdamo , @Raistlin , @Geoffers747 , @Paranundrox , @Ghost , And his great Cow Majesty @voxel_pirate For helping keep this post Alive! I would like to ask each one of you for help to find Someone to make this mod!!! THANK YOU!!!

P.S.S. Any Suggestions would be Helpful Thank You!!!


OK Everyone I have decided to Start The GREAT COW Petition If you agree there should be Cows in-game Please say: Agreed I Support Cows : when I create the Topic And hopefully WE WILL GET COWS!!! For The Great (Goggled) Cow Master @voxel_pirate !!! :smiley: YA!!!

P.S. the Petition is on Suggestions Thank You For your Support!!!
P.S.S. this Petition is only for normal cows not the Humanoid being Cows!!!

To be completely honest, I’d prefer there to be no cows in Vanilla Stonehearth. If there are, then whats the point of modding them in?
Essentially, if you win the fight, you have to stop fighting, and wheres the fun in that?