The Great Cow Petition!(Closed)

OK this is a petition For COWS in StoneHearth If you agree that there should be Cows of ANY kind in the game please say the following as a post : I Agree
that Cows should Be in S.H. : Please!!! get everyone you know to Sign this!!!
This is not Just a PETITION But a Bovine Revolution All Hail the Great (Goggled) Cow Master @voxel_pirate !!!

steve’s comments:
@KingMooCow i’ve taken the liberty of tweaking the category, to use the spiffy new “polling” option… as such, you would need two replies for people to like… one FOR and one AGAINST the idea you’re proposing…

i’ll create them on your behalf… and in keeping with the inaugural poll (for categories), any replies to the thread will be removed… please only provide a vote… :smiley:

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we SHOULD have cows in Stonehearth


we SHOULD NOT have cows in Stonehearth


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I’ve gone ahead and closed this thread, I appreciate it wasn’t open for 24 hours, but I think it had run its course, and given that we’ve previously had a fully justified repsonse from the team as to why cows will not be included, I feel that this poll is unnecessary…