Stonehearth specific (original) Animals

I asked in the 12/18/2014 live stream, will Stonehearth have specific animals, @tom told me to post in on the discourse so here it is.

I won’t give each of these ideas names, rather just say concepts.

  1. I personally love the idea of a big cat which assists the trapper.
  2. Some sort of six legged creature that would be the enemy of the peaceful bunny clan
  3. A wild “bovine” or “ovine” that cannot be contained except by a high level Shepard, of course he would have perks, maybe some sort of rare fur.
  4. An equin that can rapidly plow the ground for larger farms
  5. Strange idea here, but maybe have a porcupine pet that archers can use as a source for arrows.
  6. guard dog that can scare off goblins but not orcs or vice versa
  7. fire breathing animal that can help grow the strength of the magma smith, and improve the blacksmiths fire
  8. a graceful animal which can be the symbol of Cid.
  9. a large bug that carries plague that damages crops but makes animal meat better

That’s all for now, i’m sure i’ll edit more in later, and maybe suggested names. Feel free to leave your own ideas down below.

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(Heard it in the stream, decided to make it a topic)

You know how Minecraft has Creepers? Well I think Stonehearth needs it’s own monster as well. It doesn’t have to be a monster, it could be a passive animal like a flying pig dragon thing, whatever you can think of. I want drawings, models, and writings of your ideas! I’ll join in on the fun as well!

Remember have fun, and be creative!!

Arks, these tiny imps will sneak around lonely or unhappy villagers. Masters of deception, these beings can not be left to roam free, for if not stopped it will turn the villager(s) against each other!

(does that sound like something?)


Nice original name!

Like how so? If my trapper gets posed then he will fight everyone and turn pets against everyone?

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Thank you! :smile:

Mm, more like a villager out alone gets this little thing whispering in his ear, turning him from unhappy to… angry. Maybe it takes a soldier to notice, or it takes him being out in the sun (gets an Ark on him while down in the mines, and if he’s gone down there too long alone he comes up fighting next time.)

That villager(s) becomes hostile until he’s knocked unconscious(minimal health) and the Ark is expelled. So you basically end up with a low health villager(s) liable to be one hit by a goblin and a valuable lesson.

(The Ark can’t grow around people, and will try and make the villager(s) avoid other villagers, up until the villager(s) is/are fully possessed.)

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In honor of the current sheep bug, there must be Were-sheep or something similar. Perhaps the shepard is most capable of fighting this fell beast. They make it vulnerable by shearing off its wool and then soldiers jump in and finish it off.

EDIT: Were-mutton! MMMmmm…now that’s good eats.


I approve of the weresheep (especially considering i suggested this ages ago)


Love the were-sheep idea :smiley: As well as the Ark, i’m going to give my ideas names in a few, and a bit longer description for each one.

one of my favorite creatures is the mimic… the idea of having a hostile in your midst, and being completely unaware is always fun! :smile:

in the case of SH, perhaps we can leverage some of the existing terrain as a “mimic”… initial thought would be to have “stone mobs” that remain dormant until the player attempts to harvest… they can have glowing eyes that snap open when interacted with, and will bounce to move/attack (with little dust motes escaping as they land from each bounce)…

to make it fair for the player, perhaps the mobs have some sort of distinguishing marks, or subtle sprite effect (the rock “shakes” every so often) to give the attentive player a clue…


Absolutely love it ! It gives harvesting resources some spice.

It couldn’t be too often though, otherwise it ruin the effect.

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nice idea! at first i thought you meant the chest like mimics, that would be fun :smile:

I feel like there should be some sort of form of spirit, like a nature element type of thing.

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something that controls zombie horde/werewolf type deal that can turn your villager into that at night if it is damaged by one of it’s minions and it will cease if you can find the controler and defeat him

after a period of time it’s possible the effext may become permanent and they will leave the village and be fully controlled by the controler

Sheperd of the Weresheep perhaps :wink:

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that’s actually precisely what I meant! :smiley:

an homage to the traditional chest mimic, with a cutesy Stonehearth twist… :smile:


dude! i love the traditional chest mimics, but a stonehearth cutesy mimic would be so much more awesome!

One of the hardest things to do is to come up with something truly original, in other words, something that isn’t just a different combination of things we’ve already seen and experienced. I do like the idea of a mimic, they would be interesting to see and deal with in a town, especially when crates, chests, and barrels make an appearance.

Here are some other ideas:

  • Babalog - A carnivorous baboon. This nocturnal ape hides in the trees at night, rustling leaves and making noise. Occasionally will come into town to peacefully steal goods (esp. meats). If attacked, runs off into the darkness. Returns in the coming nights and attacks sleeping villagers. If confronted at this point, it will fight back. Has decreased stats during the day and will (more slowly) make its way off to a distant grove of trees if the tree is chopped or if it is hit by an arrow. Scared of fire. Can be trapped by high-level trappers.
  • Gnaw - a medium sized mammal, about the size of a wolverine. Resembles a bear with a large set of teeth, bare, whip-like tail, and short arms with small yet sharp claws. Scratches and chews away at wood, trashing your wood-based stockpile resources (incl. furniture). Also targets buildings, damaging walls and columns with its claws/teeth. Fearful of humans, runs away when confronted. Scared of dogs. Feeds on pumpkins and turnips, both in stockpile and in farm zones. Breaks free when trapped.
  • Rock beetle - Copper coloured insect, grows to one foot. Crawls onto buildings and latches on. Slowly changes from copper to silver to grey as it moults every 7 days. When moulting has completed, the beetle drops through the bottom of its shell, revealing itself to once again be copper coloured. The shell remains attached to the building and can be harvested for 1 stone. Sometimes carries plant fungus, causing nearby crops to spoil until cleared and resown.

Love it !

Ehh he seems a bit over-powered unless he is incredibly rare. Also being that we don’t have specific commands to get people to move the only effective way will be to put a red alert on, and presumably the gnaw would keep running from humans so it would be an annoying chase that would drag your people away from your town. so the gnaw would have to be slower then humans.

Love the idea, but I think it should produce something better then 1 stone. Especially considering we have mining now.


Perhaps a rare chance of dropping a gemstone?
I was thinking these would be more of a nuisance than a resource provider. They can be used for decorative purposes, letting your town get covered in stone exoskeletons for the fun of it!


Not sure what ‘OP’ means, but I can see what you’re getting at. They’d definitely need to be rare. Annoying creatures should always be rare. Like those #$%^&!ing Cliff Racers in Morrowind… :angry:

[quote=“phector2004, post:18, topic:9139”]
Not sure what ‘OP’ means
[/quote]it means “over powered”


Killer Bunny Titan of Cubebannog, anyone? Eh? Just me? Well, I guess it isn’t really original, but still something I’d like to see.

I second the weresheep, but I feel a mino-sheep [sheep-otaur? idk] is in order.

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