More Types Of Monsters/Mobs

I was wondering if there will be more planned monsters/mobs

I think it’s safe to say there will be, I mean it’s so early in the development process and I’m sure we haven’t been made aware of everything on offer!

So yer, I think it’s definitely a ‘watch this space’ kinda thing.

so far, i believe we’ve seen:

  • goblins
  • zombies
  • skeletons
  • bats (they’re “bad”, right? :stuck_out_tongue: )
  • cthulhu (ok, he’s a titan)

i simply cant wait to see what else is included, as radiant’s voxel interpretations of these mobs are all so masterfully crafted…

For boss mobs, I would like to see:

  • Dragons

  • Giants

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In the Kickstarter countdown stream video, Tom mentions that dragons will be in (and scary) and there are gigantic enemies in general called titans.

Bears? No ones said bears! Off to Qubicle to make a bear now

@ManOfRet Desktop Tuesday means, they show screenshots of what they are working on at that Tuesday.

It has been on hold during the KS-Month as they have been mostly concentrating on the KS and thus work had slowed down during the KS.

For monsters and Mob’s in general… there will be more within the game to give all classes around exploring, fighting and animals more to do. So the shepherd has enough to do ,the big game hunter as well like the animal tamer and so on as well as fighting classes to give them something to fight.

well, either the hunter or big-game hunter had a bear helm (while Tom was perusing models during the last live stream)… stands to reason we should see who used to own it prior to being made into a fedora… :smiley:

but by all means, make us a bear and share it here… :slight_smile:

We’ve also seen ogres, cyclops zangief, and cyberpunk cylcops zangief. I’m nearly certain that orcs have been mentioned in a livestream as well, and I know wolves have been. Everything else that I’m certain of though is minor passive’s like rabbits or deer being mentioned in relation to hunting.

What about werewolves / vampires?
They could be part of visiting caravans or hermits who live in the forest and try to attack your villagers at night.

@Sheenariel thanks for the tip

I personally would like to see something from an alternate plane. And creepers (or at least some sort of massively destructive walking bomb mob).

Creeper? No, what you want is this!



Despite the utter fear coursing through my veins right now, there is nothing more terrifying than turning around to a creeper in your face.

PS, look up stalking creepers mod for minecraft.

You will be paranoid the rest of your life…

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Greetings everyone,

I’m a little new here but I but I’ve been reading a bunch of different forum topics and have kept an eye on this game since 3 months ago.

Was thinking it’d be nice to have a good variety of monsters. Both for combat purposes as well as aesthetics, or even potentially resources (different bones, weapons, etc.). Though I know that this team already has a long to-do list, and something like this wouldn’t easily fit onto that list, it’s worth a shot.

Why not have kobold raids including or in substitution of a goblin raid. From what I understand goblins tend to attack in groups, where kobolds are a bit more sly and are also a bit more tactical in their approach. Kobolds could also take refuge in caves or abandoned houses, as opposed to a camp in the forest.

Also, a more highly intelligent creature, whom could actually infiltrate your town once in a blue moon, could prove very challenging and fun. I suppose vampires are the easiest excuse. Only infiltrating at night, appears as an ordinary townsfolk, walks around looking for unprotected housing and striking at the right moment. Maybe instead of garlic, the way to ward them off would be locked doors, crosses (or other wooden charms) and a steady night-watch for the town.

To top it off, having a both intelligent and viscous creature, like those bosses (the troll, etc.), you could have a dragon too. This creature would only come at the apex of your development. Perhaps when your town is nearing city size, a dragon would appear at a nearby mountain. Giving the player only a few days to prepare for the massive onslaught, before the winged monster swoops into town burning everything to smouldering dust.

Well tell me what you guys think for either just a mod or a potential final game release implementation. Or if this is even worthy at all.

Apologies for my lengthy post, probably not the best way to make an introduction. But I hope my ideas could provide some insight for variety. I’ve played Timber & Stone, Gnomoria, and other games similar, and always having only goblins strike first is a bit bland. Although I realize there are mods for dragons and such, perhaps it’d be a great way to add to the final build.


hey there @Sanguinius… welcome aboard! :smile:

i’ve taken the liberty of merging your thread here, as this discussion was in line with yours…

in general, enemy variety is definitely key, and not just variants on an existing monster (although a goblin and goblin chief, goblin mage are perfectly acceptable)…

but having certain mobs that are (for example) mindless but powerful, or lone assailants, or ranged damage dealers, etc. is all part of the fun of learning tactics, and how best to handle a particular situation…

I think we’ll see more than one type of ‘mob’, as the snippets we’ve seen indicate there’s at least goblins, trolls and undead on the plate. I definitely agree it would be excellent if the different mobs had different triggers, tactics and goals.


As long as it’s coherent, formatted, and makes sense (which you do) I don’t think there’s anything to apologise for!

Again this is one of those things where we just have to wait and see what it is Team Radiant are cooking up for this - your ideas all sound good though. I really like the idea that, rather than just facing an enemy in combat there is more of a dynamism to it all … either through a story or more of an impact from the various monsters of the world.

Using your example of the troll, it would be pretty cool if you could invest in some scouts to provide an early warning, you could then deal with the troll via traps, or combat before it reaches your settlement, or prepare defenses.

Alternatively if you haven’t prepared, he could smash a massive hole in your wall and wreak havoc …how that balances with people who perhaps aren’t investing in a military game, we’ll have to see I suppose!

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Yeah, thanks again steve. I can even elaborate my ideas a bit more and conjure-up more types. One thing I loved about DnD was the whole encyclopedia of monsters and creatures and sentient beings that you could encounter. Obviously, all of that is far too much for a computer game, but I think there’s a lot of favourite creatures and such that come to mind for Stonehearth.

It’s always best to have very dull beasts, to a super-intelligent nemisis such as a vampire, beholder, etc.

Actually that’s another idea right there, perhaps different in appearance to avoid IP conflict, but there could be rare instances of beholders. They could randomly spawn in mining complexes, given enough space and darkness (so the player or miners wouldn’t notice) and start breeding a nest of them unless you close off the tunnels or dispose of them. Of course they shouldn’t be as powerful as in DnD, but still sort of a very smart vermin-like entity that instills fear into all.

Another type for a lone assailant would be a regular human thief (or dark elf if need be). They are night stalkers usually, or would ambush random stray villagers, and attempt to steal valuable resources or kill someone for their outfit, jewelery, etc.

Yeah, well even in Timber & Stone they had skeletons and such. But in general it would be nice if it wasn’t just always the same type of mobs sitting around, even when there are severaly types. Maybe certain maps or climates spawn different types of fauna and mobs.